Why Consider Alternatives to Transvaginal Mesh Surgery?

Transvaginal Mesh SurgeryKentucky women and thousands of other women across the country have been filing lawsuits related to their transvaginal mesh surgery. Transvaginal mesh (TVM) was designed to provide relief to women suffering from pelvic organ prolapse (POP) and stress urinary incontinence (SUI). The results turned out to be far worse for many of these patients. Transvaginal mesh surgery allegedly caused severe side effects, resulting in serious injury and even substantial medical costs from having to correct problems.

Problems with Transvaginal Mesh Surgery

Transvaginal mesh surgery became a preferable option by doctors instead of installing mesh through incisions in a woman’s abdomen. Unfortunately, the problems created by transvaginal mesh surgery seemed to mount almost immediately. The TVM product was approved by the FDA through the 501 (k) clause, which states that a manufacturer can seek approval for a product if it demonstrates significant similarity to products already on the market. TVM was compared to traditional mesh products and approved.

The problem is that TVM is installed in a far more sensitive area. Vaginal tissue is different from the soft tissues in other areas. Kentucky women and others across the country experienced symptoms like severe pain, bleeding, infections, scarring, and build-ups of scar tissue, mesh displacement or erosion, and more. Removing the mesh via transvaginal mesh surgery turned out to be just as problematic. The mesh would be absorbed by the soft tissue and be far more difficult to extract. Many doctors had to perform multiple surgeries to remove the mesh. Multiple surgeries were sometimes not enough to actually remove the mesh.

Traditional Methods Of Treating POP and SUI

Pelvic organ prolapse (POP) and stress urinary incontinence (SUI) cause serious problems for a number of women. Traditional mesh products can be of great help with far less severe side effects. Patients may also be able to strengthen the muscles that would normally be supporting the prolapsed organs with special exercises. Botox injections can relax muscles and provide temporary pain relief. Unfortunately, there are no “cures” for these two conditions.

Compensation For Suffering

Kentucky women can join others from around the country in pursuing damages possibly caused by their transvaginal mesh surgery. A consultation with Attorney Group for Kentucky can help answer questions about Kentucky transvaginal mesh lawsuits. In pursuing damages in a claim like this, it is necessary to have an experienced attorney on your side. Contact Attorney Group for Kentucky today for your free, no obligation consultation.