Diabetes Drug Lawsuits Claim Risks for Kentucky Residents

Kentucky Diabetes Drug LawsuitCould You Have a Diabetes Drug Lawsuit in Kentucky?

Recent studies show that some of the leading diabetes drugs that are taken by patients in Kentucky and around the country could potentially cause serious health conditions. Lawsuits also allege that diabetes drugs such as Januvia, Janumet, Victoza, Bydureon, and Byetta can cause serious problems like pancreatic cancer, by thyroid problems, and pancreatitis. As a result, patients should be aware of these issues, and their options to potentially bring a diabetes drug lawsuit against these manufacturers. By bringing the diabetes drug lawsuit to court in Kentucky, individuals could potentially get compensation for damages incurred as a result of their medication. Below is an overview of some of the diabetes drugs involved in a diabetes drug lawsuit.

1. Januvia

Originally launched by Merck & Co., Inc., this drug helps the body produce insulin through simple oral medication. Since the drug was released in October 2006, there have been lawsuits filed claiming that patients developed cancer after taking Januvia. Other serious side effects and serious medical conditions have also been alleged. Janumet is the name of a similar medication with the same use and lawsuits.

2. Victoza

After more than $760 million in sales, it appears that Victoza may have caused harm to thousands of patients around the country. The drug was originally approved by the FDA in January 2010 as a simple injectable drug that would make treating diabetes easier. Unfortunately, it is been found that the drug may cause kidney failure, thyroid cancer, and pancreatitis.

3. Bydureon

Designed to treat type II diabetes, this medication was advertised for having low side effects and maximum capabilities. Unfortunately, in just two years since it was approved by the FDA the injectable drug has been shown in studies to potentially cause adverse side effects not disclosed to patients, as well as serious medical conditions.

4. Byetta

Approved in April 2005, this drug helps patients manage their blood sugar levels. Unfortunately, the FDA has reported there are potentially severe side effects when using the drug, which could potentially include possibly life-threatening conditions.

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