Fatal Auto Accidents in Kentucky

Fatal auto accidents in Kentucky are one of the most common types of death in the state. Kentucky, at a population of 4.38 million people, experiences approximately 18.3 automobile accident deaths per 100,000 people in the state. This statistical information has placed Kentucky as the 10th most dangerous state in the United States of America. This information as well as many more important auto accident fact can be found in the source here.

By September 2013, Kentucky had already seen 438 deaths due to highway incidents. With a quarter of time still left in the year, the state of Kentucky may very well exceed its traffic related death toll of 746 for the previous year.

Recent Fatal Auto Accidents in Kentucky

Fatal auto accidents in Kentucky are caused by a wide variety of reasons and circumstances. One of the most recent Kentucky automobile accidents took the life of an 81-year-old man in Graves County, when two cars collided at an intersection. Authorities are still conducting investigations, but the accident may have occurred due to one of the drivers’ failure to observe his or her surroundings.

Another of the most recent fatal auto accidents in Kentucky involved a 4-year-old boy who was killed by a truck while he was riding a scooter in a parking lot. The report states that drugs and alcohol did not play a role in this incident. However, the truck driver may have either been diverted by something or driving over the speed limit.

Two more unfortunate deaths occurred recently when two good Samaritans were trying to help some people who had just been in an accident. While these two people were assisting accident victims, a semi truck struck and killed them. The driver of the semi-truck claimed that he was trying to veer away from the original accident. However, he may have been diverted by something that caused him not to see the original accident site until he was too close.

Top Causes of Fatal Auto Accidents in Kentucky

The top causes of automobile accidents are distracted driving, drunk driving, speeding reckless driving, and acts of nature such as rain. Other causes for automobile accidents are failure to adhere to traffic violations and improper turning, street racing, and more. A high percentage of driving accidents are caused by improper practices of one of the drivers. In such a case that a person causes an accident, and a death results from the accident, the victim’s family is eligible to sue for personal injury.

Personal Injury and Automobile Accidents

A personal injury is any type of injury that a person receives because of the negligence of another party. In the case of an automobile fatality, the victim’s immediate family members may find another party liable for their loved one’s death. For example, if a person crashes into another vehicle because he or she was driving drunk, and a driver or passenger dies, the drunk driver may have to offer the victim’s family a settlement. The same rings true in a situation in which a person runs a red light and hits another person’s vehicle, killing the other driver.

Kentucky Auto Accident Attorneys

The best way for an injured party or a deceased party’s family to find out if a personal injury suit is feasible is to contact an experienced Kentucky personal injury attorney. An affiliated attorney with Attorney Group for Kentucky can review the circumstances of the situation and answer any questions the plaintiffs may have, and help them decide if they wish to pursue compensation for damages. Those that survive an auto accident, or the family of an individual killed in an auto accident, often do not know they have legal options after the accident. So contact Attorney Group for Kentucky today to get your questions answered in a free consultation.