Kentucky Insurance Claims Attorneys Defend Victims

Kentucky Insurance Claims Attorneys

Natural disasters occur quickly and, sometimes, without warning. If you have ever experienced a natural disaster and suffered the results of home and domestic belongings’ damage, you understand the heart-wrenching, devastating personal impact of natural disaster. Your home, car or personal vehicle, and perhaps the entire contents of your home may be damaged or obliterated in the wake of natural disaster. Getting back on your feet after a natural disease can seem almost impossible. Emergency assistance from community services may help for a short period, but then the process of rebuilding and replacing the tools of your life must begin. Sadly, some people learn that their insurance companies—to whom they’ve regularly and loyally paid premiums for years—turn blind eyes to clients’ suffering. With little or no resources to begin again, individuals and families may feel despair. Kentucky insurance claims attorneys can save the day in this scenario. With your best interests at heart, Kentucky insurance claims attorneys fight for your rights and benefits against unresponsive, unethical insurers and providers.

National Disasters in Kentucky

Kentucky insurance claims attorneys are there to help when Kentucky families suffer the ravages of earthquakes, tornadoes or even the inland effect of hurricanes. The varied Kentucky terrain makes some storms, like tornadoes, particularly devastating. For example, the March 2–3, 2012 (EF4-level) tornado outbreak caused a total of 41 deaths and 22 deaths in Kentucky. The tornado outbreak was responsible for a whopping $3.1 billion in property and casualty damage. Merging weather fronts caused ‘supercells’ to form in central Kentucky. Wind shear values as high as 800 m2/s2 caused severe property damage. Families lost homes and all their possessions and, as insurance providers failed to come to the aid of their clients, solutions were in short supply.

What’s the Hold Up?


Kentucky insurance claims attorneysProperty claims can go unpaid for long periods. Destroyed homes or residential buildings were destroyed and others were in immediate need of structural repairs after the tornado outbreak. After the shock of property loss, most people said, “We have insurance. The insurance company will help us start on the long road to replacing our homes and goods.” Unfortunately, many insurance companies did not respond quickly or at all to the calls of their customers. They failed to deliver on their financial promises made to customers. As a result, families turned to other family members, friends, community organizations, churches, etc. for temporary assistance. Some hardy individuals realized the insurance companies were not treating them with due respect and turned instead to Kentucky insurance claims attorneys.

Engage Kentucky insurance claims attorneys for best results after a natural disaster strikes. The insurance companies’ clients needed money to repair or replace houses, cars, trucks and essential possessions. Kentucky insurance claims attorneys know you should not fight an insurance company alone. They know your insurance companies’ lawyers must respond to the claims presented by your attorney. Don’t wait to contact Kentucky insurance claims attorneys to represent your agreed-upon rights.

How We Can Help You

Can Kentucky insurance claims attorneys insurance companies help when the insurance company makes a low-ball offer of settlement? Yes! Insurance companies can act in bad faith when large numbers of insurance claims, often being placed en masse in the wake of a natural disaster, make strenuous financial demands on their cash reserves. They may argue with about the “current value” of belongings that were destroyed instead of settling the claim with enough money to replace these valuable items. In the aftermath of natural disasters, homes or structures can develop toxic mold that subjects inhabitants to long-term health problems. Money needed to repair the foundation of a home or building is withheld without explanation. If the insurance company makes a low-ball offer to you—their client—after a natural disaster, there’s no reason to agree to this unethical demonstration of bad faith. Contact Kentucky insurance claims attorneys to make the insurance company do what’s right.