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kentucky lipitor lawsuit attorneys

What is Lipitor?

Lipitor is a common pharmaceutical prescribed to individuals with high cholesterol. Warner-Lambert Company first released Lipitor back in 1996; the manufacturer was later acquired by Pfizer. The drug—which belongs to the family of drugs known as “statins”—quickly became one of the most popular medications worldwide through a deluge of promotions and keen advertising tactics. It was incredibly lucrative for its manufacturer, and brought in more than $125 billion before its generic counterparts became available in 2011. An in-depth study administered on over 150,000 women who had gone through menopause focused on several statin drugs, including Lipitor. The testing took place over the course of seven years and focused primarily on women who were in their 60’s and above. What the researchers found was close to a 50% increase in the development of type-2 diabetes in women who were taking stain drugs, including Lipitor. As a result of this study, the FDA required Lipitor include warning and safety risk information detailing the heightened risk for type-2 diabetes.

This study was not the first of its kind. The TNT trial gave patients 80-mg of Lipitor and others 10-mg of Lipitor. Researchers observed that 9.24% of those patients on a regimen of 80-mg of Lipitor developed type-2 diabetes. Of those who took 10-mg of Lipitor, 8.11% acquired type-2 diabetes. According to medical research standards, these three trials on Lipitor and the broad clinical trial on statins are sufficient to demonstrate a correlation. It should be noted that certain factors put particular individuals at higher risk for type-2 diabetes. The chances of a women developing type 2 diabetes as a result of taking Lipitor are heightened if she is post-menopausal.

Currently, Kentucky Lipitor lawsuit attorneys are working with individuals who have been diagnosed with type-2 diabetes after starting Lipitor and investigating the correlation, acquiring information on related complications, and filing lawsuits on behalf of those affected. It should be noted that such complications are of relatively recent provenance in the medical community and further research is still being done. It is essential that anyone experiencing complications, particularly the onset of type 2 diabetes, after taking Lipitor should seek medical advice and the legal counsel of Kentucky Lipitor lawsuit attorneys.

What are the Side Effects for Post-Menopausal Women?

Kentucky Lipitor Lawsuit Attorneys have found numerous side effects affect post-menopausal women who are taking Lipitor. Type-2 diabetes is among the most serious risks, which is why Lipitor has been subject to heightened scrutiny since the study. Type-2 diabetes is a metabolic condition that has no known cure. Individuals with type-2 diabetes do not acquire sufficient sugar from food because their bodies have become numb to the directives insulin gives them. In individuals who do not have diabetes, insulin ensures that cells obtain necessary sugar from foods and process this into fuel. Thus, those who have type-2 diabetes must contend with volatile blood-sugar levels and take medication to stabilise their blood-sugar.

Kentucky Lipitor Lawsuit Attorneys

If you or someone you know is currently taking Lipitor, please seek medical advice from your physician or a second medical opinion regarding the latest developments. Kentucky Lipitor Lawsuit Attorneys are currently filing claims on behalf of individuals who have experienced complications due to Lipitor. Those who became diabetic after taking Lipitor are seeking compensation. Attorney Group for Kentucky’s affiliated Kentucky Lipitor lawsuit attorneys have the experience to guide you through complex and daunting litigation. If you or a loved one has developed type 2 diabetes or other complications as a direct result of taking Lipitor for your high cholesterol, please contact Attorney Group for Kentucky today for a free, no-obligation consultation.