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Kentucky Nursing Home Abuse Attorneys

While many children would love to believe that nursing homes are treating their parents with courtesy and respect as their parents age, such is not always the case. Nursing home neglect or abuse occurs as the result of negligent, careless and reckless behavior on behalf of the nursing home employees. Unfortunately, nursing home residents rely on these employees to provide services and meet their basic needs such as organizing social activities, assisting them with daily hygiene care and using the restroom and ensuring they have food, water and medicine when appropriate. Once the abuse is brought to light, children and victims may often seek compensation with the assistance of Kentucky nursing home abuse attorneys who have experience helping these families.

Types of Abuse and Neglect

According to Kentucky nursing home abuse attorneys, the abuse or neglect can be financial, verbal or physical. Financial abuse typically consists of the assisted living facility’s improper or illegal use of the resident’s money or property for the employees’ personal financial gain. If a resident is repeatedly threatened or caused severe emotion distress, the employees may be guilty of verbally abusing that resident. Physical abuse occurs when an employee unintentionally or intentionally inflicts injury or pain upon the resident. Experienced Kentucky nursing home abuse attorneys report that the following are some common scenarios which indicate abuse or neglect:

  • A resident suffered from a broken arm and multiple bruises with no investigation or determination of the cause.
  • A high-risk resident who is prone to falling fell down and suffered from serious injuries as the result of improper care and lack of supervision.
  • A resident who is likely to develop skin infections developed bed or pressure sores because the employees did not turn the resident over and position the resident as instructed.
  • Employees proceed to give residents incorrect medications.
  • A diabetic resident was told to wait over one month to see a specialist regarding a swollen foot.
  • A resident suddenly lost 20 pounds in one month and the facility was not aware of the situation or made any plan to prevent such drastic weight loss in the future.
  • A staff member persuaded a resident to sell personal belongings to another employee.
  • A night shift member verbally threatened to injure a resident if the resident left the room overnight.
  • The assisted living facility did not supervise a resident who was known to abuse other residents.
  • A staff member with a criminal background sexually abused a resident.

Unfortunately, these are all real-life cases in which residents have suffered from serious and traumatic abuse at the hands of assisted living employees. If you or someone you love has shown signs of neglect or abuse, consult with Kentucky nursing home abuse attorneys who can help your family today.

Why Does Neglect Happen?

kentucky nursing home abuse attorneysNursing home abuse is a reality; however, many causes may contribute to these unfortunate situations. While it all depends on the assisted living facility and its employees, many agree that the staff members often put their own wants and needs before those of the residents. Some employees may feel that because the residents are elderly, they may appear to be more gullible or easier to target since there is little to no chance of resistance. To these staff members, bullying makes themselves feel good because they know that they will win and few underestimate the knowledge and experience of Kentucky nursing home abuse attorneys.

However, as soon as you suspect you or a loved one is the victim of nursing home abuse, the first priority is to ensure the safety of the resident and remove him or her from a dangerous situation. While the administrators of the nursing home may offer you compensation for your trouble or ask that you or the victim sign documents that will release them from liability, it is never in your best interest to work with these individuals. Instead, Kentucky nursing home abuse attorneys can ensure that your loved one is safe and that the situation is handled ethically, legally and with results that you deserve.

The statute of limitations may vary based on the type of injury and whether it was financial, physical or verbal and emotional. Kentucky nursing home abuse attorneys can determine if you still have time to bring a lawsuit against the nursing home. Additionally, these lawyers often have resources such as nutritionists, therapists and physicians that can help to win your case should you decide to file a medical malpractice suit against the organization.

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