Kentucky Truck Accident Lawyers Note String of Recent Truck Accidents

Kentucky Truck Accident LawyersWhen trucks are involved in an accident, the injuries and casualties are often greater than a crash involving two cars. Semi-trucks weigh more than standard vehicles and often carry heavy freight that can lead to devastating injuries and fatalities when the trucks are involved in accidents. Permanent injuries are common, and those who are involved in trucking accidents may suffer from life-changing injuries and health complications. If you have been harmed in a trucking accident, Attorney Group for Kentucky is here to connect you with Kentucky truck accident lawyers that can help you pursue compensation for your injuries or other damages.

Recent Kentucky Truck Accidents

A fatal crash on Interstate 75 on September 21, 2013 flooded Elkhorn Creek with diesel fuel and plastic pellets. According to officials, the crash occurred overnight but was not discovered until the morning. Following reports of pellets floating in the creek, investigators searched the area and found an overturned semi-truck and the deceased driver. Since the crash, the diesel fuel has been contained and cleaned.

On September 26, 2013, a tractor-trailer overturned on Interstate 24. The driver allegedly lost control and veered into the median, overturning the truck and blocking both eastbound lanes on the highway. The driver was taken to a medical center with injuries that did not appear to be life-threatening.

A truck driver is dead after his semi-truck ran off the road and overturned on the Gene Snyder Freeway on September 27, 2013. After a witness called police, the officers found the vehicle in the woods. An autopsy did not reveal a cause of death, and investigators report that the semi-truck may have left the roadway, hit a guardrail, traveled into the woods and overturned in the forest. There was also no indication that the driver attempted to slow down or stop.

With three Kentucky semi-truck accidents occurring in the span of less than a week, it is no wonder that one in every eight traffic fatalities occur as a result of an incident involving a large truck. Every year, trucking accidents cause almost 5,000 deaths, most of whom are individuals in smaller passenger vehicles.

What to Do if You are Injured

After seeking necessary medical attention, you may feel helpless. You might be suffering from injuries that are preventing you from working, or the accident may have totaled your vehicle, leaving you without transportation to and from your place of employment. What do you do in these instances? Frantic, you may rush to obtain a settlement, without the assistance of a Kentucky semi-truck accident lawyer, as quick as possible in an effort to obtain compensation and get your life back on track. However, Kentucky truck accident lawyers may advise against quick settlements.

Insurance companies sometimes offer settlements that are nowhere near what the victim deserves. Having experienced Kentucky truck accident lawyers on your side can help feel confident that your legal rights are not being denied and that your chances are increased of getting the compensation to which you are entitled. In many instances, there is more than one party at fault, resulting in a significant difference in compensation. Kentucky truck accident lawyers understand the difference in parties and to whom you may hold accountable for your injuries.

Need Help? Contact Kentucky Truck Accident Lawyers

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