Semi Truck Safety Becomes Growing Issue in Kentucky

Kentucky Semi Truck SafetySemi Truck Safety Comes into Question After High-Profile Accident

A recent investigation into the fatal semi truck accident that killed one individual and left three others critically injured, including famed comedian Tracy Morgan, has found that driver fatigue may have caused the collision. According to an article published by CNN, a Wal-Mart semi truck driver could be to blame for driving 20 miles per hour over the speed limit, for being awake for more than 24 consecutive hours, for failing to slow down when a sign reducing the speed limit from 55 miles per hour to 45 miles per hour instructed that he do so and for neglecting to comprehend that the lanes in front of him were closing and adjusting his speed accordingly.

A preliminary semi truck safety report published by the National Transportation Safety Board stated that the driver failed to brake in time and slammed into the back of a limousine carrying Morgan and three fellow comedians. The driver is now facing three counts of vehicular assault and one count of vehicular fatality. Wal-Mart has stated that it will accept responsibility if the semi truck safety investigation finds that its driver was at fault.

Driver Fatigue Can be Fatal

In some cases, a trucking company may take on additional deliveries without having the manpower to make the trip. As a result, a trucking company may force a driver to travel around the clock so that the company does not lose business or profit. However, failing to adhere to the semi truck safety regulations established by the FMCSA could potentially cause a driver to operate the vehicle in an unsafe manner and increase the risk that he or she might fall asleep while traveling.

FMCSA: Electronic Recording Devices May Decrease Semi Truck Accidents

The FMCSA recently published findings from a semi truck safety study in which the agency found that semi trucks that are not equipped with electronic hours of service records are more likely to violate its regulations or be involved in accidents due to driver fatigue. According to the FMCSA, 53 percent fewer hours of service violations involved EHSR-equipped semi trucks, and these vehicles were less likely to be involved in a collision.

As more trucking companies attempt to keep these devices out of their fleets, the FMCSA acknowledged that it had wanted to determine whether these electronic logging and tracking devices could potentially be beneficial and reduce the number of fatigued drivers on the road.

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