Top 7 Mistakes People Make After a Car Wreck | Kentucky Car Wreck Lawyer

Kentucky Car Wreck LawyerFollowing an accident, there is likely a mixture of emotions running through your mind. You’re wondering what you should do, what not to do, and how you will move past the incident and continue with your life as before. However, there are certain mistakes that you should avoid making, if possible, to increase the likelihood that you will be able to pursue a claim for compensation in the future. Contact a Kentucky car wreck lawyer today for more information if you believe that you have a case.

1. Admitting fault on social media. If you need to discuss the accident with others, use the phone. Don’t leave anything online that could be found by the other party’s attorneys, as they could try to hold you responsible for the accident and require you to compensate the other driver for damages.

2. Believing that police reports don’t matter. A police report can serve as evidence if you decide to pursue a claim. It is a neutral, third party observation, review, and analysis of the accident and can help you to prove that the other party’s negligence caused the accident and, as a result, your injuries or losses.

3. Agreeing to a settlement without a Kentucky car wreck lawyer. An attorney can help to determine if you are being offered a fair settlement. If you agree to a payment amount just for the sake of receiving money, you may regret it down the road if additional complications develop, as you will be unable to recover damages for those conditions.

4. Turning down medical care. At first glance, bumps, bruises, and scrapes may not require a visit to your healthcare provider. However, in many cases, victims seem fine immediately following the wreck but develop severe complications or injuries weeks or months later. Visit your doctor to receive a physical and determine the true extent of your condition.

5. Believing that your insurance company doesn’t need to know. You want the insurance company to pay for your vehicular damages, losses, and injuries. The insurance provider will not be able to do that if it is not aware that the incident even occurred.

6. Letting your emotions get the best of you. Always remain calm and collected, even if you feel like lashing out, screaming at the other driver, or speaking out against law enforcement. The best and most effective way to handle the aftermath of an accident is with composure and respect.

7. Not remembering to document the accident, injuries, and surroundings. Take pictures, write down contact information for the other driver and witnesses, and make notes or voice memos of every detail that you can. Your memory may fade over time, so it’s important to have solid evidence of the wreck that a Kentucky car wreck lawyer can use to help to prove your case.

A Kentucky Car Wreck Lawyer Can Help You to Pursue a Claim

Attorney Group for Kentucky can investigate your case at no cost to you and help you to determine if you are entitled to seek compensation for your condition if you believe that negligence was a contributing factor in the car accident. We can also put you in touch with a local affiliated Kentucky car wreck lawyer who can help you throughout the legal process. Call today.