GM Ignition Recall

Have You Been Affected By the GM Ignition Recall?

Louisiana GM Ignition RecallA recent GM ignition recall included over 2.6 million vehicles. Those who are driving vehicles included in the GM ignition recall may find they experience their ignition switch moving out of the correct position for driving. As a result, features such as airbags, power steering, and power brakes, may become disabled, resulting in accidents and injuries. Drivers of cars possibly linked to the GM ignition recall in Louisiana and elsewhere need to be aware of the cause for concern, as the faulty parts have been implicated in at least accident-related deaths.

Among the models affected by the recall are the following:

  • Chevrolet Cobalt – 2005-10 model years
  • Pontiac G5 – 2005-10
  • Saturn Ion – 2003-07
  • Chevrolet HHR – 2006-11
  • Pontiac Solstice – 2006-10
  • Saturn Sky – 2007 -2010
  • Opel GT – 2007
  • Pontiac Pursuit – 2005 – 2006

If you or someone you love has been injured while operating a car included in the current GM ignition recall, consider seeking legal counsel from an experienced lawyer as soon as possible. Attorney Group for Louisiana can review your case, free of charge, and connect you with an affiliated lawyer who can assist you throughout the legal process.

The implications of the GM ignition recall are wide reaching and include the manufacturer expanding the amount of vehicles affected, placing two engineers on leave, reportedly forecasting substantial reductions in estimated earnings. GM is also the target of an investigation by the United States Justice Department.

Contacting a lawyer can help affected customers understand whether or not they should seek compensation for harms resulting from the allegedly faulty products. Possible claimants include drivers who experienced ignition switch malfunctions, as well as those injured by cars with faulty switches, even if they were not driving the car themselves. A class action lawsuit has been filed on behalf owners of the recalled vehicles. A product liability lawyer can help those injured or killed as a result of a defective part understand their legal rights and seek appropriate compensation.

If you feel you may have a claim related to the GM recall or want to learn your legal rights in your specific situation, contact Attorney Group for Louisiana. We can help answer your questions and connect you with an experienced lawyer who can help you seek compensation if you decide to pursue a claim. Contact us today for your free consultation.