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Louisiana Traffic Accidents

Report: Speed A Major Cause Of Louisiana Traffic Accidents

Louisiana personal injury attorneys note a July 2015 report on Louisiana traffic accidents from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), in which the agency reported that speed […]

semi truck safety

Semi Truck Safety Becomes Growing Issue in Louisiana

Semi Truck Safety Comes Into Question According to a new report published by the New York Times on June 19, 2014, the Wal-Mart truck driver blamed for causing […]

louisiana insurance claims attorneys

GM Ignition Recall

Have You Been Affected By the GM Ignition Recall? A recent GM ignition recall included over 2.6 million vehicles. Those who are driving vehicles included in the GM […]

Louisiana car accident lawyer

Louisiana Car Accident Lawyers Discuss Recent 21-Car Accident Event

On December 17, 2013, three separate car wrecks occurred over a mile-long stretch of highway in southern Louisiana. The accidents reportedly occurred due to dense fog and involved […]

louisiana insurance claims attorneys

Louisiana Tire Recalls: Do You Keep Up With Tire Safety?

If you are like many other car buyers, you may have evaluated a vehicle’s safety features and ratings prior to driving off the lot with the car. However, […]

Louisiana highway construction accident lawyer

Louisiana Highway Construction Accident Lawyers Caution Drivers

While an accident of any kind can be life-altering and devastating to those involved, some may feel that their insurance companies or other parties do not provide enough […]

fatal auto accidents in Louisiana

The Dangers of Driving: Fatal Auto Accidents in Louisiana

The High Cost of Mobility Americans love their mobility and the cars that make it possible. In fact, our entire culture and national infrastructure is built on the […]

louisiana insurance claims attorneys

Exxon Agrees to $2.4 Million Louisiana Settlement

According to Louisiana’s Department of Environmental Quality, Exxon Mobil Corporation has agreed to pay out almost $2.4 million in improvements, fines and other payments to settle pending violations […]

Louisiana Bair Hugger Lawsuit

Louisiana Workplace Accident Attorneys Discuss Recent Chemical Plant Explosion

Louisiana Workplace Accident Attorneys Accidents can happy at any time while at work. Whether the accident is the result of employer negligence or employee carelessness, employers have a […]

Louisiana Trucking Accident Attorneys

Louisiana Trucking Accident Attorneys – Hit by a Semi? What do I do?

Hit By a Semi-Truck in Louisiana: What Do I Do? Nobody plans to be involved in an accident; however, what do you do when you are visiting family […]