Louisiana Highway Construction Accident Lawyers Caution Drivers

Louisiana Highway Construction Accident LawyerWhile an accident of any kind can be life-altering and devastating to those involved, some may feel that their insurance companies or other parties do not provide enough compensation to cover costly bills, damages, lost income and other expenses incurred as the result of the accident. Working with a Louisiana highway construction accident lawyer can help to protect your legal rights and hold the appropriate party accountable for your condition.

If you or someone you love have been involved in an accident and you sustained injuries or incurred damages that you feel are the result of another party’s negligence, contact a Louisiana highway construction accident lawyer today to learn more about your rights.

Fatalities in Louisiana Work Zones

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 106 deaths from occupational injuries occurred in 2010, followed by 122 fatalities in 2011 and 130 deaths in 2012. Specifically in Louisiana, according to The National Work Zone Safety Information Clearinghouse, 710 fatalities did not occur in a work zone in 2012, but 12 people did lose their lives within a work zone, a combined total of 722 deaths in motor vehicle traffic crashes.

Common Causes of Accidents

Although several factors may contribute to highway construction accident, the most common reasons are due to both drivers and construction companies failing to follow safety precautions and regulations. If a driver is speeding, not paying attention or driving under the influence, for example, he or she may be unable to slow down or may not take notice to cones and warning signs indicating an upcoming work zone along the highway.

Similarly, a construction company may neglect to place signs or cones around a work zone to let drivers know of the potential hazards in the area, or the company may underestimate adverse weather conditions and overestimate drivers’ abilities to control their vehicles in such conditions. Other construction companies hire work out to independent companies that may not follow proper safety regulations.

Steps to Follow After an Accident

If anyone is seriously injured or needs medical attention, provide care or call for help right away. You will also need to contact local law enforcement so that a report may be documented. Should you decide to pursue a claim, the police report will serve as evidence. You may also want to inform your insurance provider of the circumstances surrounding the incident to receive coverage for your medical bills and expenses.

However, not many realize that consulting with a Louisiana highway construction accident lawyer may also benefit them in the long run. This individual can help to protect your legal rights and work to prevent you  being taken advantage of by the other parties. Additionally, a Louisiana highway construction accident lawyer may also:

  • Help you file a wrongful death claim on behalf of a loved one
  • Investigate the scene to determine who was responsible for the incident
  • Follow through with the insurance companies to ensure that they are properly handling your claim
  • Assist you receiving the compensation to which you may be entitled such as lost income, medical bills and vehicular damage

Contact a Louisiana Highway Construction Accident Lawyer for More Information

Have you or a loved one suffered from injuries after a construction accident? You may consider seeking legal counsel from a Louisiana highway construction accident lawyer to learn more about filing a claim for compensation. At Attorney Group for Louisiana, we understand how devastating these incidents can be, and we will provide you with a free case evaluation to help you to determine if you have a valid claim. We will connect you with a professional Louisiana highway construction accident lawyer who will handle your case and help you to seek the compensation to which you may be entitled.