Pills in Bottles | Nevada Pradaxa Attorney

Report: Program Set to Evaluate Efficacy of Pradaxa Reversal Agent

A Nevada Pradaxa attorney notes that the producer of the blood-thinner Pradaxa is now launching a program to study the real-world usage and effectiveness of PRAXBIND, which is […]

Hip Implant Xray | Nevada Stryker Rejuvenate Lawyer

Report: Hip Implants May Deteriorate and Lead to Severe Injury

A Nevada Stryker Rejuvenate lawyer notes that metal-on-metal hip implants exhibit a much higher failure rate than other implants and have been linked to various serious complications, including […]

Woman Next to Car | Nevada Auto Accident Lawyer

Pedestrian Killed in Alleged Drunk Driving Accident

A Nevada auto accident lawyer notes that witness reports suggest that alcohol may have played a role in a car accident that claimed the life of a pedestrian […]

Man Thinking | Nevada Lipitor lawyer

Report: Lipitor Deemed Less Effective than Originally Thought

A Nevada Lipitor lawyer notes that the widely prescribed cholesterol drug has found its way on to a list of four widely prescribed drugs that may not be […]

Worried Looking Man | Nevada Viagra Lawyer

Study: Viagra Raises Melanoma Risk by 84 Percent Over 10 Years

A Nevada Viagra lawyer notes a study that suggests taking Viagra may increase a patient’s chance of melanoma cancer by eighty-four percent over ten years. This research may […]

Surgery Team | Nevada IVC Filter Attorney

Investigation Claims Bard Sold Defective IVC Filters

A Nevada IVC filter attorney notes an investigation suggesting that Bard kept defective IVC filters on the market knowing that they were dangerous. Affected patients who have been […]

Blood Test Info | Nevada Xarelto Attorney

Studies Touting Xarelto Safety Raises Questions

As patients seek damages for injuries they claim were caused by the popular blood thinner Xarelto, some with the help of a Nevada Xarelto attorney, news reports call […]

The Vegas Strip | Nevada Car Accident Attorney

Woman Drives Into Crowd; One Person Dead, 35 Injured

An Oregon woman faces 71 felony charges for allegedly driving her vehicle into a crowd of people in Las Vegas and causing devastating injuries to several of them. […]

Surgery Team | Nevada Bair Hugger Attorney

Mounting Lawsuits Claim Warming Blanket Linked To Infections

At least 50 patients who developed severe infections after joint surgery have filed lawsuits against the manufacturer of the Bair Hugger warming blanket, claiming that the device was […]

Mother And Child | Nevada Zofran Attorney

Mother Blames Zofran For Child’s Birth Defects

Across the U.S., a growing number of women who used Zofran while pregnant are claiming that the drug caused birth defects in their children. One mother who blames […]