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Pills in Bottles | Nevada Pradaxa Attorney

Report: Program Set to Evaluate Efficacy of Pradaxa Reversal Agent

A Nevada Pradaxa attorney notes that the producer of the blood-thinner Pradaxa is now launching a program to study the real-world usage and effectiveness of PRAXBIND, which is […]

Man Thinking | Nevada Lipitor lawyer

Report: Lipitor Deemed Less Effective than Originally Thought

A Nevada Lipitor lawyer notes that the widely prescribed cholesterol drug has found its way on to a list of four widely prescribed drugs that may not be […]

Worried Looking Man | Nevada Viagra Lawyer

Study: Viagra Raises Melanoma Risk by 84 Percent Over 10 Years

A Nevada Viagra lawyer notes a study that suggests taking Viagra may increase a patient’s chance of melanoma cancer by eighty-four percent over ten years. This research may […]

Blood Test Info | Nevada Xarelto Attorney

Studies Touting Xarelto Safety Raises Questions

As patients seek damages for injuries they claim were caused by the popular blood thinner Xarelto, some with the help of a Nevada Xarelto attorney, news reports call […]

Mother And Child | Nevada Zofran Attorney

Mother Blames Zofran For Child’s Birth Defects

Across the U.S., a growing number of women who used Zofran while pregnant are claiming that the drug caused birth defects in their children. One mother who blames […]