Oklahoma Brain Injury Lawyer Discusses Jet Crash Survivor

Oklahoma Brain Injury Lawyer- jet crashAn Oklahoma brain injury lawyer representing a man suffering from a traumatic brain injury has stated that his client is unlikely recover from his condition. The man was riding in a private jet with his son and two pilots when the plane crashed into homes near a northern Indiana airport on March 17, 2013. The two pilots, a University of Oklahoma quarterback and a Tulsa businessman, were killed, and the man’s son is suffering from orthopedic injuries.

Brain Injury Limiting Jet Crash Survivor

According to sources, the plane was coming in for an emergency landing at South Bend Regional Airport when the pilots lost control and crashed the jet into nearby homes. Now, the man is bedridden, has difficulty speaking and is unlikely to make a serious recovery to be independent again, his Oklahoma brain injury lawyer reports.

The man and his son worked for the businessman piloting the aircraft, whose automotive coating business was the owner of the jet. The pilot was traveling to northern Indiana from Oklahoma for business, according to a lawsuit filed by the families of the survivors and their Oklahoma brain injury lawyer. The attorney also reports that the lawsuit is on hold until the National Transportation Safety Board has a chance to complete its investigation.

According to the family’s Oklahoma brain injury lawyer, the lawsuit, filed against the manufacturer of the jet, the company and other owners of the plane, alleges that these parties are at fault and responsible for its mechanical problems. The lawsuit claims that the manufacturer and owner were to be held liable since it was determined that the plane had malfunctioned.

The families are seeking unspecified damages for emotional distress, physical injury, medical expenses, loss of normal life and lost earnings. The manufacturers of the plane and other defendants have denied the claims put forth by the lawsuit.

The family’s lawyer maintains that the man was a firefighter at the time of his injury, but his health insurance through his employer didn’t cover injuries sustained while the man was working other jobs. While the man’s family is able to pay for some of his medical care, treatments and day-to-day expenses continue to mount. The attorney admitted that the family is mortgaging their future in hopes that someday, their loved one will be able to resume his independent life once again.

A preliminary National Transportation Safety Board report acknowledged that one of the pilots radioed to controllers soon before the crash occurred that the jet was barely controllable and it had lost all power. On a second runway approach, the pilot attempted to land with only the nose landing gear of the plane extended.

Witnesses claim that the plane bounced numerous times on the runway before it veered into a right turn and nose-dived into three residential homes in a nearby neighborhood. A woman living in one of the homes was hospitalized for three days after sustaining injuries from the crash.

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