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Crashed Plane | Oklahoma Airplane Accident Attorney

Lawsuits Filed in Oklahoma Plane Crash Deaths

An Oklahoma airplane accident attorney notes that lawsuits were filed in connection with a plane crash that left two people dead and three people injured. An investigation into […]

Family Files Lawsuit in Perry Inhofe Plane Crash

The family of a United States senator’s son has filed a lawsuit against Honeywell International, Standard Aero, Standard Aero (Alliance) and Intercontinental Jet Service claiming negligence in his death. According […]

Oklahoma Airplane Accident Lawyer

Why Seek an Oklahoma Airplane Accident Lawyer After a Crash?

Oklahoma Airplane Accident Lawyer According to statistics, proportionally air travel is safer than driving on the streets in the United States, but accidents do happen with airplanes, and […]

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Oklahoma Brain Injury Lawyer Discusses Jet Crash Survivor

An Oklahoma brain injury lawyer representing a man suffering from a traumatic brain injury has stated that his client is unlikely recover from his condition. The man was […]