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tennessee victoza lawsuit attorneys

Updated Actos Risks Affect Tennessee Patients

Although there are currently several hundred Actos lawsuits pending against drug maker Takeda Pharmaceuticals in a multidistrict litigation in federal court in the Western District of Louisiana, attorneys […]

diabetes drug lawsuit

Could You Have a Tennessee Diabetes Drug Lawsuit?

Do You Have a Diabetes Drug Lawsuit in Tennessee? Certain diabetes drugs that are currently popular for treating type II diabetes have been found to potentially cause certain […]

tennessee victoza lawsuit attorneys

Tennessee Viagra Melanoma Lawyer

Should You Seek Help from a Viagra Melanoma Lawyer in Tennessee? A recent study found that patients who took Viagra may be at risk of an increased chance […]

tennessee victoza lawsuit attorneys

Tennessee Lipitor Lawyer Notes Recent Lawsuits

Thousands of patients across the country have filed lawsuits against the makers of Lipitor claiming a number of serious injuries. One such person is a Tennessee woman who […]

tennessee victoza lawsuit attorneys

Risperdal Gynecomastia Lawsuit

Should You Consider a Risperdal Gynecomastia Lawsuit? The Attorney Group for Tennessee can discuss potential lawsuits on behalf of young boys and men who have allegedly developed gynecomastia, […]

tennessee victoza lawsuit attorneys

Tennessee Actos Bladder Cancer Attorney

Why Should You Consider a Tennessee Bladder Cancer Attorney? Actos, the popular type 2 diabetes medication, has been linked kidney damage, liver damage, heart attacks and heart failure, […]

Tennessee Lipitor lawsuit attorneys

Can a Tennessee Testosterone Attorney Help You?

What are Testosterone Treatments? Testosterone treatments are used for men who have low testosterone levels and are suffering from low libido, depression, bone density issues, and strength problems. […]

Tennessee Lipitor lawsuit attorneys

Tennessee Androgel Testosterone Attorneys

Testosterone is the primary male hormone that is responsible for the development of secondary sex characteristics and which affects a variety of other important processes, including metabolism and […]

Tennessee Januvia Lawyer

Tennessee Januvia Lawyers Discuss the Risks of Januvia

(To view full size image, click the image or click here.) Those living with type 2 diabetes may wonder about their options. Do medications exist to help their […]

Tennessee Victoza Lawyer

Tennessee Victoza Lawyers Warn of Dangers of Victoza

          (To view full size image, click the image or click here.) Those with type 2 diabetes are often prescribed medications to help them […]