Endo International to Pay $830 Million to Settle Transvaginal Mesh Lawsuits

Texas-Endo-Mesh LawsuitsTransvaginal Mesh Lawsuits Reach Settlement

Endo International has agreed to pay $830 million to settle 20,000 mesh lawsuit claims from women who sustained injuries from the company’s devices. Transvaginal mesh implants (TVM implants) are devices used to treat pelvic organ prolapse (POP) and incontinence in post-childbirth and aging women. Endo, which makes, distributes, and sells the TVM implants, has stated that this settlement is not an admission of guilt.

The Irish company’s American subsidiary, American Medical Systems Inc., stated it is settling suits over several of Endo’s devices, including Perigee, Apogee, and Elevate implants. The announcement of this settlement followed one day after the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) re-classified the devices as high-risk implants. They now require pre-market approval before use. In 2011, the FDA issued a safety warning concerning these devices, stating, “Serious complications associated with surgical mesh for transvaginal repair of POP are not rare.”

The $830 million payment over the mesh lawsuits exceeds the initial liability fund that had been established for litigation, which was $520 million.

The Endo case is one of many such cases around the world. In Denmark, the company Coloplast was ordered to pay $16 million in a lawsuit over TVMs. Millions more have been awarded in other cases, and tens of thousands of claims are still pending in courts around the world.

About Transvaginal Mesh Implants

The TVM devices are used to alleviate symptoms from POP and incontinence. Prolapse refers to a condition in aging and post-childbirth women when the internal organs of the pelvis pressure the vaginal canal, which can cause discomfort, pain, and can also cause internal organs to disgorge from the vaginal opening.

Injured parties in the mesh lawsuits reiterate the FDA’s pre-existing safety concerns over the devices, which can erode and migrate into soft tissue over time. The devices, which are net-shaped, allegedly degrade and sink into the soft tissue of the vaginal canal, which can cause pain during intercourse, bacterial infections, and urinary incontinence.

Transvaginal Mesh Lawsuits in Texas

Worldwide mesh lawsuits are increasing, and Texas is no exception. A $1.2 million settlement was reached between a woman in Texas and the company Ethicon. The Texas woman used Ethicon’s TVT-O Mesh Sling to treat urinary incontinence, and the device had subsequently caused her pain. She claimed the manufacturer did not provide adequate warnings about potential risks.

Mesh lawsuits are continuing to be introduced in Texas for TVM implants that have caused post-operative pain and other complications. If you or someone you know is suffering or has been diagnosed with complications as a result of a TVM implant, consult an attorney today to find out your options. The Attorney Group for Texas is available to help you. We can determine if you have a claim, answer any questions you may have, and connect you with an attorney who can help you file a mesh lawsuit. Contact us today for your free consultation.