Concerned Man | Texas Viagra Melanoma Attorney

Lawsuit: Pfizer Negligent in the Development of Viagra

A Texas Viagra melanoma attorney notes that a man is pursuing compensation from the maker of Viagra, claiming that the drug led him to develop malignant melanoma. The […]

Brain X-Rays | Texas Traumatic Brain Injury Attorney

Report: Treatment Could Improve Motor Function after Brain Injury

A Texas traumatic brain injury attorney notes that a study shows that treatment with the chemical inosine may help brain injury victims recover motor control that might normally […]

Pills | Texas Benicar Lawyer
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Lawsuit: Severe Gastrointestinal Complications Linked to Benicar

A Texas Benicar lawyer notes that a lawsuit seeks damages to cover medical expenditures, pain and suffering and loss of consortium after a man claims that the medication […]

Man Holding Chin | Texas Viagra Attorney

Study: Viagra May Help Foster Growth of Malignant Tumors

A Texas Viagra attorney notes that two large-scale studies have pointed to a connection between Viagra and melanoma, a potentially dangerous form of skin cancer. New research reveals […]

An Off-Highway Vehicle | Texas Burn Injury Lawyer

Recalled Off-Highway Vehicles Linked to Burns and Death

A Texas burn injury lawyer notes that recalled off-highway vehicles have been linked to severe burns and one fatality. Consumers have reported more than 160 fires to date, […]

Surgery Team | Texas IVC Filter Lawyer

Report Suggests Device Maker Knew IVC Filters Were Faulty

A Texas IVC filter lawyer notes a report suggesting that a device maker was aware that its IVC filters were defective but didn’t recall the device. There have […]

Woman in a Wheelchair | Texas Hip Implant Lawyer

$502 Million Awarded in DePuy Hip Lawsuit

A Texas hip implant lawyer notes that hip implant device manufactures were aware of the risks associated with the defectively designed Pinnacle hip implant system but failed to […]

Operating Room | Texas Bair Hugger Attorney

Lawsuit: Bair Hugger Blanket Caused Infection And Injury

A Texas Bair Hugger attorney notes that a patient on whom a Bair Hugger warming blanket was used during multiple knee replacement surgeries is now suing the maker […]

Man With Money | Chesapeake Bid Rigging Lawsuit

Chesapeake Bid Rigging Lawsuit Expected After Indictment

A Chesapeake bid rigging lawsuit is expected after a former CEO of the company was indicted on federal charges of conspiring to rig bids for the purchase of […]

Hoverboard Image | Texas Hoverboard Lawsuit

Will Fires Lead to a Texas Hoverboard Lawsuit?

Questions have been raised about a possible Texas hoverboard lawsuit after a man sued for damages he claims were caused by a fire that started while he was […]