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Concerned Man | Texas Viagra Melanoma Attorney

Lawsuit: Pfizer Negligent in the Development of Viagra

A Texas Viagra melanoma attorney notes that a man is pursuing compensation from the maker of Viagra, claiming that the drug led him to develop malignant melanoma. The […]

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Lawsuit: Severe Gastrointestinal Complications Linked to Benicar

A Texas Benicar lawyer notes that a lawsuit seeks damages to cover medical expenditures, pain and suffering and loss of consortium after a man claims that the medication […]

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Study: Viagra May Help Foster Growth of Malignant Tumors

A Texas Viagra attorney notes that two large-scale studies have pointed to a connection between Viagra and melanoma, a potentially dangerous form of skin cancer. New research reveals […]

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U.S. Files Lawsuit Against Texas Compounding Pharmacy

According to the federal government, at least 15 patients at two hospitals in Texas suffered from contaminated medications from a compounding pharmacy that has since recalled the medications. […]

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Xarelto Side Effects Could Increase Texas Lawsuits

Despite just being introduced to the market in 2011, the anticoagulant Xarelto is now being used by approximately 4 million patients in Texas and across the country. Total […]

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Texas Risperdal Lawsuits Move Forward

The Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas in Pennsylvania has issued a court order that sets new trial dates for three Risperdal lawsuits. These suits allege that male patients […]

Texas testosterone attorney

Side Effects of Statins: 5 Things Every Texas Patient Should Know

Although many patients throughout the U.S. have taken statin medications such as Lipitor to lower their cholesterol levels and have reported little to no complications, several studies have […]

Texas testosterone attorney

Texas SSRI Lawsuits Could Be Increasing

The arrival of the “third generation” of antidepressants was originally considered a step forward in treating conditions like panic attacks, depression, anxiety disorders and various personality disorders. When the […]

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Updated Actos Risks Affect Texas Diabetes Patients

The Attorney Group for Texas provides free case evaluations to Actos patients who used the medication to control their type 2 diabetes and later developed bladder cancer, potentially as a […]

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Diabetes Drug Lawsuits in Texas

Injured? Consider a Diabetes Drug Lawsuit Do you live in Texas and have diabetes, or know someone that has diabetes, and taking drugs to control it? You may […]