Texas Window Blind Strangulation Lawsuit

Texas Window Blind Strangulation LawsuitTexas Window Blind Strangulation Lawsuit

Looped window blind cords pose a choking hazard to young children who may see them as toys and get wrapped up in them. The United States Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) states at least one child a month dies because of looped window blind cord strangulation. At present, there are millions of potentially unsafe looped window blind cords in peoples’ homes.

Consumer safety advocacy groups contend that it is time for the CPSC to institute a mandatory safety standard. Manufacturers have tried to voluntarily implement their own standards 6 times since 1983. Reportedly, none of those standards have reduced the rate of deaths caused by window blind cord strangulation. Advocacy groups claim that this is proof that the CPSC should act to protect consumers.

In absence of action on the part of the CPSC, some believe that window blind strangulation lawsuits may be a way for standards to be tightened voluntarily. Airbags and table saws are two other products that did not have adequate safety measures early on. Lawsuits arising out of injuries and death related to the products caused manufacturers to take action on their own volition. Safety groups generally prefer voluntary compliance because federal intervention can take years due to needing to conduct their own studies and analysis on the situation and potential benefit.

There are alternatives to the standard window blinds that are often the basis of window blind lawsuits. Alternate product designs provide for hidden cords or tie offs that are not left loose. Cordless blinds are also available. Manufacturers claim these products cannot take the same wear and will typically fail earlier than a corded blind. Furthermore, they claim the mechanisms do not perform well with heavier or outdoor blinds.

Corded blinds are typically less expensive, making them a preferred consumer choice. However, many people don’t know about or understand the risk associated with a looped blind cord. Window blind strangulation lawsuits claim this is a problem the manufacturer should have handled and that all risks should be disclosed when the product is produced and distributed.

Seeking Legal Representation

Texas parents who have lost a child or had a child injured because of a cord may have grounds to seek compensation in a window blind strangulation lawsuit. A consultation with Attorney Group for Texas can provide insight into your potential options. The consultation is free and may help you determine if you have a claim. Contact Attorney Group for Texas today if you or a loved one has suffered because of a looped blind cord. The Attorney Group for Texas can evaluate your case and connect you with an experienced, affiliated attorney.