News for Traumatic Brain Injury Patients in Texas

traumatic brain injuryA new study by researchers at Newcastle University has found that even minor injuries can have lasting effects on cognitive function. Andrew Blamire, professor of magnetic resonance physics and author of the study, wanted to focus on mild and moderate traumatic brain injury, as it accounts for roughly 90% of traumatic brain injury patients. The study was conducted on a group of 44 people with mild traumatic brain injuries, 9 people with moderate, and a control group of 33 healthy people. The control group was comparable in age and education level to the study patients. Researchers administered diffusion tensor imaging (DTI) scans, a type of MRI commonly used in cases of severe trauma, within one week of injury, and used the Glasgow Coma Scale (GSC) test to measure cognition.

Blamire found that patients with brain injuries showed damage to the brain’s white matter– the “wiring” interconnecting areas of the brain– on their DTI scans. The control group did not. On this discovery, Blamire said, “Damage to that interconnection could mean it affects a whole range of functions; it’s complicated to know precisely what they all do.” People with mild traumatic brain injury, which can come as a result of falling off a bike, low speed car accidents, or a concussion, may not know they’re affected by cognitive side effects. However, scans showed that the worse the damage, the worse patients scored on tests of verbal fluency.

Traumatic Brain Injury in the News
This study coincides with a lawsuit by NFL players against the NFL Players Association. The lawsuit alleges that the NFLPA had access to scientific research on the effects of traumatic brain injury, but hid it from the players. They claim that the Players Association was not acting in the interest of the players.

Traumatic Brain Injury in Texas
It’s not just NFL players that have legal recourse in such cases. Many states have enacted legislation regarding these injuries, with special focus on youth sports. In Texas, any school that offers a sports team must have a concussion oversight team. Texas parents of athletes must also sign a form acknowledging they received written information about concussion prevention, symptoms, treatment, and oversight. Texas student athletes must also be immediately removed from athletic practice or competition if it’s suspected they received a concussion. They cannot return until such a time as a licensed Texas physician evaluates them.

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