Fatal Wreck Was Not a Trinity Guardrail Fatality

Have you been injured or has a loved one died in an accident in which you believe the guardrail was at fault? The Texas Injury Attorney Group can help you decide if you may be eligible to receive a monetary compensation.

The driver of a vehicle involved in a crash in Houston has died after a guardrail pierced the car and sliced it in half. Trinity guardrail fatality

Although the guardrail in this accident is not one undergoing testing by the San Antonio Southwest Research Institute, this guardrail caused damage similar to those in a recent Trinity guardrail fatality. This recent crash is leading to questions about the safety of guardrails throughout the country.

On Sunday, Dec. 21, 2014, witnesses said two drivers who were attempting to merge onto Route 59 North from Route 288 in Houston collided. One of the vehicles struck the guardrail. That car was sliced in half when the vehicle struck the end post of the guardrail. The driver of that vehicle was killed while the driver of the vehicle that did not strike the guardrail was taken to the hospital. Although the accident investigation revealed this was not a Trinity guardrail fatality, the damage caused by this guardrail could indicate that there are other dangerous guardrails.

After reports that its guardrails could lead to a Trinity guardrail fatality, Trinity Industries began conducting tests to determine if the guardrails are faulty. Critics say that the tests conducted by Trinity are not replicating the types of accidents in which the guardrails are spearing vehicles, causing severe injury and death. According to officials recently quoted in The New York Times, the crash tests should be done from an angle of 5 degrees rather than 0 degrees as that is the angle of the accidents where the spearing is occurring. The same officials say that Trinity made a recent design change to its ET-Plus system, which prevented the jamming that is suspected to cause the malfunction. However, the company had not reported the change as required.

Although the death in this recent accident was not a Trinity guardrail fatality, one safety expert with experience manufacturing guardrails said that new guardrails are not designed to collapse when they are struck. Instead, the metal of the guardrail remains intact, slicing through the vehicle and causing serious injury and death.

Do You Qualify for a Guardrail Lawsuit?

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