Work Injury Lawyer Discusses: Texas Company Cited for 17 OSHA Violations

Work Injury LawyerThe Houston, Texas company Evergreen Plastics, Inc. has drawn 17 violations after two health and safety inspections in the summer of 2013. OSHA proposed a total fine of $60,200 for the various workplace hazards that workers were subject to.

According to reports, a dozen of those violations involved the regulation of energy to various work systems. The company lacked an energy control system that would provide the necessary training and preventative measures to keep workers from getting hurt by machinery that could be powered up, unexpectedly start, or release stored energy.

Other violations included not providing railings on exposed stairs, exposed moving parts, live electrical parts, naked conductors, and substituting fixed wiring for flexible cabling and cords. These circumstances fall under the definition of “serious violation” because there is a high probability that they can cause serious harm or death that Evergreen Plastics management either knew or should have known about.

Health inspections turned up additional violations in relation to noise and chemical handling. Companies are required to employ a hearing loss prevention program in appropriate environments and equipment to their workers. Workers are supposed to have access to protective equipment for their eyes, skin, and hands when working with corrosive materials. Additionally, the company is supposed to provide access to flushing facilities for the body and eyes in the event of a chemical accident.

The Necessity of a Work Injury Lawyer

The situation involving Evergreen Plastics, Inc. is a prime example of why consultation with a work injury lawyer is necessary for those injured on the job. Workers’ Compensation covers certain aspects of compensation but it does not address holding parties beyond the employer responsible and receiving full compensation for a serious injury or death. The Attorney Group for Texas wants to help you beyond workers’ compensation. Contact Attorney Group for Texas to see if there is an additional claim that should be pursued beyond typical workers’ compensation.

A work injury lawyer can provide experienced insight into the situation as your advocate. Compensation past workers’ compensation may be within reach depending on the circumstances surrounding a work place accident. There are expectations for safety even in incredibly unsafe work environments.

Many people make the mistake of overlooking the kind of benefit that representation from a work injury lawyer can provide after an accident. The prevailing belief is to just look at workers’ comp as a source of receiving compensation. A work injury lawyer may be able to secure damages past that if there is evidence to support a claim. It often takes resources beyond basic insurance to get a person’s feet back under them, whether it’s for general living or to help cover medical bills.

So if you or a loved one has been affected by a work injury, contact Attorney Group for Texas today for a free consultation. While we do not handle workers’ compensation claims, we want to help you determine if you can pursue a claim beyond basic workers’ comp, and connect you with an affiliated work injury lawyer that can help you through the legal process. Contact us today for your free consultation.