Alabama Trucking Accident Attorneys Advise After a Crash

Alabama Trucking Accident Attorneys Provide Legal Counsel

It can be unnerving for a driver to hear the screech of brakes and realize that a crash is imminent, and the experience can be terrifying if the other vehicle is a semi-truck. Anyone in Alabama who needs to pursue a claim after being struck by a big rig should consider turning to Alabama trucking accident attorneys affiliated with the American Injury Attorney Group.

What Does the Law Allow?

Alabama trucking accident attorneys

A semi-truck poses great risks to a passenger car or a light truck and to all occupants of the smaller vehicle, and this fact can also greatly increase the cost of a collision. Under the tort principle that is in effect in Alabama, drivers who are at fault in accidents are financially liable for the injuries and damage they cause. The law also allows the victim to pursue a claim with Alabama trucking accident attorneys against the responsible party for additional damages, including the anguish that can accompany an accident. However, the process of filing a claim after a semi-truck accident can be more complicated than the usual traffic mishap, which usually involves only one other party. Trucking operations often involve multiple parties and, more often than not, it will require one of our affiliated Alabama trucking accident attorneys to identify those that are most culpable for damages.

Many truckers are independent contractors, and they may either own the vehicles they are driving or lease them other parties. A motorist who is struck by an independent contractor would be wise to take direct legal action against the driver. The case could be dealt with differently had the driver been employed by a trucking firm. Since employers are generally liable for the actions of their employees, the lawsuit in that case might be directed at the company. Not only will a large business have greater resources, but litigation directed against a corporation might have greater success due to the simple fact that a jury may show less sympathy than when the defendant is a remorseful truck driver.

Who’s To Blame?

There may be additional parties involved in a trucking operation, and any or all of them could be subject to litigation in the event of an accident. The plaintiff might consider suing the firm from which the truck was leased, or even the company that had hired the vehicle to transport its products. In the event the accident was caused by a mechanical defect or failure, the lawsuit could extend to the individual or firm responsible for maintaining the vehicle.

Achieving a successful outcome in a lawsuit means having a careful understanding of the accident that is at the center of the case. It is a good decision for a motorist involved in a serious accident to notify law enforcement authorities, who will complete a report on the mishap at the scene. The information that is contained in this report may be useful to the plaintiff and their Alabama trucking accident attorneys as evidence if it points to negligence on the part of the driver or shortcomings in the operations of the trucking company.

An important part of establishing responsibility in an accident is determining whether the owner or operator of the truck was in violation of existing laws. Trucking operations are governed by federal laws, which stipulate such aspects as insurance requirements and the amount of time drivers can be on duty. Other laws have been enacted by states. In Alabama, the weight of the load carried by the truck must correspond with specific vehicle size requirements.

You Have Options

Because of the complexities of a semi-truck accident case, qualified Alabama trucking accident attorneys can be of great benefit to anyone who is seeking compensation. It is for this reason why the victim of a semi-truck accident in Alabama should obtain legal assistance through the American Injury Attorney Group and their affiliated Alabama trucking accident attorneys. Contact us today.