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Three Hurt in State Trooper Crash

An Alabama State Trooper along with two others were injured in a state trooper crash when an semi truck collided with the officer and two vehicles as he conducted a […]

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Semi Truck Chameleon Carrier in Alabama Gets Shut Down

A chameleon carrier in Alabama is a trucking company that acts illegally, causes accidents, receives a penalty and then reincarnates itself as a new business to avoid increased […]

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Fatigued Semi Drivers and Semi Truck Accidents in Alabama

Even though we become numbed to the statistics of over 30,000 deaths a year on American roads, we all know that there is a certain risk to driving […]

Alabama trucking accident attorneys

Alabama Trucking Accident Attorneys Advise After a Crash

Alabama Trucking Accident Attorneys Provide Legal Counsel It can be unnerving for a driver to hear the screech of brakes and realize that a crash is imminent, and […]