Semi Truck Chameleon Carrier in Alabama Gets Shut Down

Chameleon Carrier in AlabamaA chameleon carrier in Alabama is a trucking company that acts illegally, causes accidents, receives a penalty and then reincarnates itself as a new business to avoid increased insurance premiums and to skirt around previous penalties. However, this “new” semi truck business is still using the same dangerous vehicles and truckers as well as the same management who more likely than not places their company values on profit instead of safety.

If you or a loved one were involved in a semi truck accident and you feel that a chameleon carrier in Alabama was to blame, contact the affiliated attorneys at Attorney Group for Alabama today to learn more about your legal rights. Our attorneys can review your case and help you to determine who should be held accountable for your injuries.

Chameleon Carrier in Alabama Shut Down

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) is currently attempting to enforce regulations surrounding these companies in an effort to remove potentially dangerous semi trucks from Alabama’s roads. In July 2012, President Obama signed the MAP-21 legislation into law, a central part of which included chameleon carriers in Alabama and other states.

In December 2010, the FMCSA was in the midst of conducting a review of IDM Transportation. In this review, the agency found that the company had violated several regulations and subsequently issued an order to declare the company “out of order.” This determination prevented IDM from continuing its operations, including contracting via another company or by conducting business under another name. However, one of the owners of IDM allegedly formed another company, BM&L, despite the FMCSA’s order. The owner also allegedly hired the same truck drivers who were banned from operating semi trucks owned by IDM.

When the owner filled out the paperwork to apply for operating authority for the “new” business, he allegedly failed to disclose his involvement with BM&L. This paperwork sought permission for the carrier to be entitled to operate in the U.S. and was submitted to the Department of Transportation. On the form, the owner falsely claimed that he had had no involvement with any entity which the FMCSA regulated. In this way, he was successful in creating the chameleon carrier in Alabama.

However, a year later during yet another inspection, the agency found similar violations of BM&L to those of IDM. As a result, the owner was sentenced to four months in prison and required to pay fees for his violations. His partner was sentenced to two years of probation and required to pay the same fees.

Chameleon Carriers in Alabama May Be Deadly

Unfortunately, these instances are common and often infuriating to attorneys throughout the U.S. Not only do these chameleon carriers in Alabama and their owners disregard the safety of their own employees and other drivers on the road, but they also often show no regard for the laws and regulations of the FMCSA.

Owners of chameleon carriers in Alabama may also put lives at risk and, when they are caught and receive appropriate punishment by losing their license to operate, they often find ways to start up new trucking companies and continue with their businesses as they had before they were found out.

When someone is involved in an accident with a semi truck, there may be much more going on behind the scenes of which the victims are not initially aware. Additionally, drivers who are injured by these companies may not even know that chameleon carriers in Alabama exist, let alone understand their legal rights and how to proceed in filing a claim for compensation. It is for this reason that it is crucial to seek legal counsel from experienced attorneys to help you cover your bases in holding the correct parties responsible for your injuries.

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