Potential Negligence In Florida Semi Truck Crashes

In October 2014, the driver of a logging truck who had been reported as driving recklessly by at least four motorists earlier in the day crashed into a school bus in Orlando, Florida, injuring seven students and the bus driver. According to reports, the woman riding with the driver, who was his wife, was wearing little clothing, leading investigators to suspect a sexual encounter may have been to blame for the driver’s inattention. In addition, the driver had been pulled over and cited for safety violations less than four hours prior to the accident. The circumstances of the semi truck crash could lead to trucking accident lawsuits being filed against the Florida man and the company he drives for.

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Negligence in Trucking AccidentsSemi Truck Crash

When truck drivers are negligent in an accident that causes injury or death, those injured can file trucking accident lawsuits against the drivers in order to recover lost wages, medical costs and other expenses related to the accident. In addition to reckless driving and speeding, a truck driver may be distracted by cell phone calls, texts or a passenger. Truck drivers also can fail to adhere to federal and state regulations regarding how many hours they may drive or the regulations regarding how often they must take breaks while they are driving.

In February 2014, the driver of a tractor-trailer clipped a vehicle on a bridge in Tampa, Florida, as it attempted to pass. The car plunged over the side of the bridge and the driver was killed. An investigation found that the driver of the truck had 27 driving infractions, but that the company he worked for still allowed him to drive Although Florida does not have any laws that restrict the number of traffic citations a driver can have in order to hold a commercial driver’s license, this crash could lead to trucking accident lawsuits being filed against the driver and his company on the grounds that the company negligently hired or continued to employ the driver.

Companies can be liable for negligent hiring if they fail to do proper background checks on employees before putting them behind the wheel of a truck. They must also provide adequate training and supervision to those drivers. In addition, some companies can require unrealistic delivery schedules which can lead drivers to ignore safety regulations in order to complete deliveries on time.

Trucking Accident Statistics

In 2012, 73 percent of deaths occurring in crashes involving big trucks in Florida and other states involved occupants of vehicles other than the truck, according to the NHTSA. Truck accidents accounted for eight percent of fatal accidents in 2012 although they made up only four percent of vehicles traveling on highways in the country. Injuries in accidents involving tractor-trailers can be devastating, requiring significant medical attention and lost time from work. Semi truck crashes also result in a higher risk of fatality for occupants of smaller vehicles.

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