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Georgia Lipitor lawsuit attorneys

Could You Be Eligible for a Georgia Pradaxa Lawsuit?

Plaintiffs across the country are currently filing lawsuits against the makers of Pradaxa, alleging that the medication caused serious complications such as gastrointestinal bleeding and cerebral hemorrhaging. Currently, […]

georgia victoza lawsuit attorneys

Could You Be Eligible for a Georgia Victoza Lawsuit?

Although Victoza, a popular type 2 diabetes medication, has successfully helped those living with the condition to better control their blood sugar levels, others are filing claims against […]

Georgia Lipitor lawsuit attorneys

What is Byetta? Are There Georgia Byetta Lawsuits?

Byetta, approved in April 2005 by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, was initially intended to help individuals previously diagnosed with type 2 diabetes to manage their condition […]

Georgia Lipitor lawsuit attorneys

Georgia Lipitor Lawsuits

If you or a loved one are a Georgia resident and you have been taking the drug Lipitor, this could be information you need to read. Georgia Lipitor […]

Georgia Lipitor lawsuit attorneys

Zoloft Linked to Georgia Birth Defects?

Plaintiffs are filing Georgia birth defects lawsuits with the help of attorneys against the manufacturer of the popular depression medication, Zoloft, alleging that they were told it was […]

georgia granuflo lawsuit attorneys

Georgia GranuFlo Lawsuits: Protecting the Interests of Dialysis Patients

GranuFlo is one of the most widely used dry acid products used in the dialysis process. It is used to help maintain the body’s bicarbonate levels while going […]

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Georgia Pradaxa Lawsuits

Georgia Pradaxa Lawsuits Growing A recent study from Denmark has confirmed the heightened internal bleeding risk of patients that switch from other anticoagulant blood thinners to Pradaxa. This […]

Georgia Nexplanon lawsuits

Georgia Nexplanon Lawsuits Gaining Momentum

Nexplanon Lawsuits in Georgia Nexplanon is a contraceptive implant that is progestin only. The medication is a new and improved version of traditional Implanon, and a recent study […]

georgia victoza lawsuit attorneys

Georgia Bydureon Lawsuit Attorneys Discuss Cancerous Side-Effects

Georgia Bydureon Lawsuit Attorneys Many people suffer with diabetes. This incurable disease often leads to further complications, amputations, and, sometimes, even death. Drug companies produce a myriad of […]

georgia victoza lawsuit attorneys

Georgia Victoza Lawsuit Attorneys Give Guidance to Victoza Victims

Georgia Victoza Lawsuit Attorneys Victoza gained acclaim for its versatility and wide use in the treatment of diabetes soon after its introduction into the world market, but the […]