7 Top Mistakes Made After a Car Wreck | Kansas Car Wreck Lawyer

Kansas Car Wreck LawyerThe following is a list of the top seven mistakes that many drivers make after they have been involved in a car accident. If you want to determine whether you are eligible to seek compensation for your damages or losses after you were injured in an accident that you believe was caused by another party’s negligence, contact a Kansas car wreck lawyer today.

1. Agreeing to the insurance company’s offer. If you accept the first amount that comes your way, your case will be closed, and you will be unable to seek compensation for your injuries in the future. Instead, consider working with a Kansas car wreck lawyer who can advise you on the best way to proceed with your case.

2. Not remembering to document the wreck. Take pictures, write notes, or take a voice memo on your phone. Do everything you can to paint a complete picture of the accident so that every detail is accounted for. Consider keeping a disposable camera in your car in case your phone battery dies or your phone is broken in the accident.

3. Avoiding your insurance company. Your insurance company will need to know about the accident in order to pay your claim. Whether you will be facing an increased premium is irrelevant; your provider must have knowledge of the accident in order to pay you.

4. Discussing the accident on social networks. In some cases, the other party or his or her defense team may attempt to prove that you actually caused the accident by researching your online presence to see if you admitted fault. Avoid the Internet and refrain from talking about the accident in public where others can use your words against you.

5. Forgetting to obtain a police report. If you decide to pursue a claim, you will need to verify the validity of the accident. The police report may be the most important piece of evidence that you can provide to support your case. Ask the officer when you can pick up your copy, and keep it with your other documents for easy retrieval.

6. Disrespecting law enforcement. While you will likely be nervous about dealing with police officers, it is important to remain calm and answer their questions the best you can. Do not lie, do not admit fault, and do not pin fault. Stick to the facts.

7. Not seeking medical attention, even if no injuries are present. While a bump or bruise is not likely indicative of a life-threatening injury, you don’t know if a serious complication will develop in the future. Make an appointment to see your doctor to begin a paper trail related to your injuries and condition.

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Contact Attorney Group for Kansas if you believe that you have a claim after you were involved in a car accident caused by someone else’s negligence. It’s important that you understand your options, and we can put you in touch with an affiliated Kansas car wreck lawyer if you decide to pursue a claim. Our case evaluations are free, and we can help you decide whether to proceed with the legal process with help from a Kansas car wreck lawyer and seek compensation for your injuries.