Blood Vials | Kansas Xarelto Lawyer

Lawsuits: Xarelto Marketed for Ease of Use While Minimizing Risks

A Kansas Xarelto Lawyer notes that the drug makers of the anticoagulant Xarelto marketed it as a “once daily” drug when clinical trials indicated otherwise. This is among […]

Bike Accident | Kansas Bicycle Injury Lawyer

Accident Leaves Cyclist with Serious Neck and Back Injuries

A Kansas bicycle injury lawyer notes that questions are being asked about whether distracted driving was a factor in an accident involving a pickup truck and a bicycle […]

Lady in Bed | Kansas Nursing Home Lawyer

Kansas Nursing Home Facilities Draw Federal Investigation

A Kansas nursing home lawyer notes that the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) is launching an Elder Justice Task Force to help authorities in Kansas investigate and pursue […]

Woman being helped by firemen | Kansas Car Accident Lawyer

Bystanders Injured in Kansas Police Chase File Lawsuit

A Kansas car accident lawyer notes a driver and passenger who suffered serious injuries when their vehicle was struck during a police chase are now pursuing recourse from […]

A Semi Rig | Kansas Truck Accident Lawyer

Report: Truckers’ Hidden Health Issues May Endanger Others

A Kansas truck accident lawyer notes a report that suggests it may be easy for truckers or any commercial driver to conceal medical conditions that might make them […]

A Depressed Looking Young Man | Kansas Risperdal Lawyer

Lawsuits Alleges Drug Maker Concealed Risperdal Risks

A Kansas Risperdal lawyer notes that the  antipsychotic drug Risperdal can cause breast development in males, and the company knew this and tried to conceal it from the […]

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Concerned Looking Man | Kansas Viagra Lawyer

Study: Viagra May Promote Malignant Skin Cancer Growths

A Kansas Viagra lawyer notes a first of its kind study that suggests Viagra may make patients more likely to develop skin cancer. Based on previous studies, men […]

Damaged Airplane | Kansas Plane Accident Attorney

Lawsuit: Plane Defects Caused The Death Of Three Doctors

A Kansas plane accident attorney notes a lawsuit alleging that a 2014 plane crash that claimed the lives of three Kansas doctors occurred as a result of the […]

Baby Crying | Kansas Zofran Attorney

Lawsuits Claim Zofran Caused Serious Congenital Birth Defects

Lawsuits filed against the seller of the anti-nausea drug Zofran claim that the medication was unlawfully promoted for treatment of morning sickness in pregnant women, and that it […]

School Bus | Kansas Personal Injury Lawyer

22 Children Injured When School Bus Rolls Over

A police investigation has revealed that a bus driver, transporting 40 students for the Hiawatha School District in Kansas, reportedly failed to stop at a road sign, causing […]