Airbag Recall: Kansas Not “Humid” Enough?

Kansas airbag recall lawyers note that the automotive industry is facing criticism after reportedly defective airbags have been linked to at least four deaths and as many as 139 injuries. It is possible that nearly a dozen car manufacturers could be affected by the recall of airbags manufactured by Takata Corporation of Japan.

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Airbag Recall OverviewAirbag Recall

One criticism levied by Congress against the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA) is that it has allowed manufacturers to only recall vehicles regionally, as there are some reports that heat and humidity contribute to Takata airbag problems. Kansas airbag recall lawyers note that, if an airbag is defective, inflator and propellant devices could deploy improperly, shooting metal and plastic fragments into vehicle occupants.

Initially, only six makes of vehicles were included in the recall when Takata announced the problem in 2013. In June 2014, Toyota issued its own recall around the same time Takata conceded that it was unsure what makes and models of vehicles had the allegedly faulty airbags installed and what might be causing the alleged problem. In July 2014, NHTSA requested that manufacturers recall vehicles in high-humidity areas including Florida, Hawaii and the U.S. Virgin Islands, asking them to send all parts removed to Takata for review.

Humidity’s Role in the Takata Recall

Certain lawmakers in Congress took issue with the limited recall, according to Kansas airbag recall lawyers. The lawmakers are concerned that recalling only vehicles registered in high humidity areas could leave other drivers and passengers at risk for injury. The average humidity for Kansas is around 65 percent annually while in Florida the annual average in humidity is around 75 percent. Although Kansas has a slightly lower humidity rate than Florida, the possibility of airbag failure remains. In addition, some Kansas retirees could have a permanent residence in the state but spend summers in warmer areas, such as Florida. Therefore, their vehicle could be exposed to heat and humidity, possibly leading to an airbag injury.

Severe Injuries and Death Reported

In October 2014, the Takata airbag recall was expanded to include other car manufaturers, and there are reports that Honda was aware of the problem as far back as 2003. Kansas airbag recall lawyers note that in 2009,,the company reportedly settled with a woman who had been severely injured when a two-inch piece of material from an airbag struck her in the neck during an accident. In 2013, Honda, along with Takata, reportedly settled with the family of a woman who bled to death in front of her children after debris from an airbag severed arteries in her neck. The severity of the injuries are leading members of Congress to push the NHTSA to recall all vehicles that could have the airbags installed.

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