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Kansas Apex Arc Hip SystemOn June 24, 2014, a Florida woman became the first person to file a lawsuit stating that a new hip implant is faulty and dangerous, and attorneys believe that similar lawsuits could be filed in Kansas and other states across the country. The Apex ARC Hip System is only the latest orthopaedic hip implant said to cause serious injuries and other health problems. After several complaints and lawsuits were filed, Stryker Orthopaedics voluntarily recalled the components of two hip-replacement devices, and Depuy APR recently finalized a $2.5 billion settlement to compensate patients who received its faulty implants.

Attorneys in Kansas are keeping a watchful eye on this lawsuit and asking others who believe they are experiencing problems from this or similar hip replacement products to consider seeking legal counsel. Attorney Group for Kansas is here to help patients understand their legal options, and raise awareness on potentially dangerous products.

Apex ARC Hip System Lawsuit

While the plaintiff in the Florida Apex ARC Hip System lawsuit is a resident of Fort Lauderdale, Florida, the suit was filed in Suffolk County, Massachusetts, where the device’s manufacturer, Orthopaedic Synergy, Inc., and its parent company, Omnilife Science, Inc., are located.

The plaintiff states that the Apex ARC Hip System was implanted on February 20, 2012, and one year later, she began to suffer from pain in her left hip. After visiting her doctors, several diagnostic tests were performed, which showed that the plaintiff had elevated levels of titanium, chromium and cobalt in her bloodstream. In addition, a mass was found on her hip that turned out to be a pseudotumor containing necrotic and fibrotic tissues.

The plaintiff’s doctor had to perform three procedures to relieve the pain and correct the problems. The pseudotumor was debulked, and she had to undergo sciatic nerve neurolysis. She also had to receive hip revision surgery to correct the positioning of the Apex ARC, and during this procedure, it was discovered that the taper junction of the implant had corroded.

The Apex ARC Design

The Apex ARC Hip System was purportedly designed to eliminate the flaws of other hip-replacement devices with metal-on-metal systems, and according to a press release issued by Omnilife Science, the ARC can be implanted through a minimally invasive procedure that saves bone and soft tissue.

Surgeons were led to believe that the Apex ARC is a safer alternative to other hip implants and that it would be of great benefit to young and active patients. However, the design of the Apex ARC is visually similar to that of the Stryker Rejuvenate, which was one of the implants recalled by the company.

Kansas Apex Arc Hip System Attorney Can Help

If you live in Kansas or had hip replacement surgery in Kansas, you may have received the Apex ARC hip implant or another model that could be faulty and dangerous. Contact Attorney Group for Kansas today for a free consultation regarding your legal options. We can help answer your questions, help you decide if you have a claim, and connect you with an affiliated attorney who can help you file your lawsuit. Contact us today to learn more.