Kansas Window Blind Strangulation Lawsuit

Kansas Window Blind Strangulation LawsuitThe U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission has identified window blinds as one of the top five safety hazards in the home, due to the strangulation hazard presented by certain kinds of cord lifts and internal cords found that come with some of these window coverings. In fact, over the years, the agency has been active in promoting recalls that have involved millions of Roman shades, roller blinds, and roll-up blinds that were determined to be safety hazards.

With an estimated one billion such window coverings deployed in American homes, and with an estimated 17 million homes including children six-years-old or younger, the magnitude of the risk in Kansas and across the nation is clear.

A 2013 Missouri tragedy further focused attention on the hazards posed by the cords used in window blinds. On April 1st of that year, in a residence on the south side of St. Louis, a two-year-old child reportedly got caught in the nylon cord normally used to raise and lower a mini-blind. The parents of the child discovered their young son, and he was transported to a St. Louis hospital where he was pronounced dead. Investigating authorities believed that the toddler first climbed onto a windowsill before getting tangled in the cord lift that was a part of the mini-blind’s design.

The loss of life and the serious injuries that have been caused by window blinds and related window coverings have resulted in the filing of numerous window blind strangulation lawsuits across the United States. Some of these suits have been filed because children got caught in a hanging loop cord normally used to raise and lower the blinds. Other window blind strangulation lawsuits were filed because children got entangled in the internal cords normally used to maintain the alignment of the slats.

Such litigation occurs in civil courts, and it seeks compensation for the losses that a victim and/or a victim’s family may suffer. For example, a window blind strangulation lawsuit may seek an award of damages for medical expenses, disability, long-term care, pain and suffering and/or loss of companionship.

Could You Be Eligible to File a Kansas Window Blind Strangulation Lawsuit?

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