Kentucky Biomet Hip Lawsuits Filed By Those Who Qualify

If you have suffered from metallosis as a result of receiving a Biomet M2A hip implant, then you should get in touch with the Kentucky Injury Attorneys Group today. One of their affiliated attorneys can advise you about the forms of monetary compensation that are available to you as a result of the injuries that you have suffered, or can possibly help you to file one of the many Kentucky Biomet hip lawsuits being placed against the manufacturer. Whether you need damages to pay for the emotional harm that you have suffered or to cover the cost of excessive medical bills, a Kentucky Injury Attorney can steer you in the right direction.

Brief History of the Biomet M2A Hip Replacement

Kentucky Biomet Hip Lawsuits

The Biomet M2A hip replacement device is a piece of medical equipment that features metal-on-metal components. It has been used for patients who need to strengthen the bones in the hip and are suffering from degeneration of muscles in the hip. The original intent of the Biomet M2A hip implant was to provide patients with a better ability to walk and carry on with their daily activities. The unfortunate reality is that patients are now unable to live a normal life. They have experienced severe effects as a result of receiving this implant. In 2001, the FDA began to release warnings of the dangers that are associated with the Biomet M2A hip implant. The FDA warned the public about the increased risk of fracture that individuals faced after receiving this implant.

The 2001 Recall

When the FDA issues a recall, it is important for manufacturers to take steps to correct the defects in a product. Ideally, no patients should use a product after the FDA has issued a statement concerning the safety of the product. The FDA has warned that a specific part of the Biomet M2A device is faulty, and this part is the femoral head. This part makes up the ball of the metal-on-metal device. Individuals who have already had a Biomet M2A device implanted within them stand a risk of having to receive an additional corrective surgery in the future.

Injuries Caused by the Biomet M2A Device

After you have received a Biomet M2A implant, it is likely that you began to notice some discomfort with your implant. There are plenty of side effects that are now associated with the Biomet M2A implant. These side effects include severe pain around the hip joint area and difficulty in one’s walking. An individual also suffers from fractures of the bone area. It is also possible for an individual to experience nerve dislocation after receiving a hip implant. Nerve and muscle tissue damage are also very common after one has received a Biomet M2A hip implant.

Kentucky Biomet Hip Lawsuits for Injuries From the Biomet M2A Hip Implant

To date, lawyers who deal in Biomet hip lawsuits have helped victims recover millions of dollars in compensation for the injuries that have been suffered from the Biomet M2A hip implant. In 2013 alone, there were over 500 reports filed with the FDA in regards to individuals who have been adversely harmed by the use of this implant. You should not wait any longer if you received an injury due to the use of this hip implant device. You may also qualify to win one of the large settlements that has been provided by the manufacturer of the Biomet M2A hip implant. You can get in touch with Attorney Group for Kentucky today to discuss the legal rights that you have for filing one of these Kentucky Biomet hip lawsuits or settling it outside of court.

It is clear that individuals have been harmed and are able to receive compensation due to receiving a Biomet M2A hip implant device. A recent research study indicated that over 7% of all individuals receiving this implant ultimately need to undergo a corrective surgery. This should not be the norm for those who are receiving a hip implant. No one should have to face additional pain and suffering after receiving what was meant to remedy pain and suffering in the first place.

Know Your Legal Rights

It is vital for you to get in touch with Attorney Group for Kentucky as soon as possible to be advised of your legal rights. You may only have a limited amount of time to move forward in filing a claim for your case. The statute of limitations period varies in each state, and you may find that the statute of limitations period is about to end for your case. A Kentucky Injury Attorney will know what the statute of limitations period is for your case and can get you on the right track to filing Kentucky Biomet hip lawsuits against the manufacturer of the Biomet M2A hip implant device. Contact Attorney Group for Kentucky today for a free consultation.