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Kentucky GranuFlo Lawsuit Attorneys

Over 500,000 Americans receive dialysis treatments each year to assist with kidney function. Dialysis is a process that removes excess salts, wastes, and toxins from the bloodstream when the kidneys cease to function properly. For many people, dialysis is a routine procedure that enables them to live and function normally. Kentucky GranuFlo lawsuit attorneys understand how dialysis positively impacts thousands of families. Unfortunately, they also understand how GranuFlo has adversely affected thousands of patients.

Dialysis centers across Kentucky help patients with kidney disorders lead normal, happy lives. Unfortunately for some, dialysis treatments have caused more harm than good through the administration of a product called GranuFlo. If you or your loved one suffered cardiac arrest after receiving dialysis treatments, Kentucky GranuFlo lawsuit attorneys can help you learn more about your legal rights as a victim.

The Factskentucky granuflo lawsuit attorneys

GranuFlo is used to neutralize acid in the blood. GranuFlo was produced by Fresenius Medical Care, a company that operates over 1/3rd of the dialysis centers in the US. Fresenius also sold GranuFlo to other dialysis centers across the country. In fact, before the FDA recall was issued, GranuFlo was the most widely used dry acid product in the country. If you suffered cardiac arrest during dialysis, the Kentucky GranuFlo lawsuit attorneys group can help.

Dialysis patients frequently experience acidosis, a condition where the blood becomes too acidic. GranuFlo delivers bicarbonate to the bloodstream to neutralize this acid. However, unlike other products that neutralize acidic blood, GranuFlo delivered too much bicarbonate, placing patients at risk for health problems, including sudden cardiac arrest.

Kentucky GranuFlo lawsuit attorneys know that over 900 Fresenius dialysis patients suffered cardiac arrest in 2010. When GranuFlo researchers discovered that the drug caused harmful and potentially lethal side effects, they prepared an internal memo that was circulated to Fresenius clinics. They did not recall the drug, they did not inform the FDA, and they took no effort to inform or protect patients who had been exposed to danger.

Side-Effects of Which to Be Aware

Eventually, the memo was leaked to the federal Food and Drug Administration (FDA), who issued an immediate Class 1 recall. Class 1 recalls are the most serious recalls issued by the FDA, and issued when exposure to the product is suspected to cause serious adverse health effects or death. Dialysis patients exposed to GranuFlo may have experienced the following adverse side-effects:

    • Low blood pressure
    • Irregular heart beat
    • Difficulty breathing
    • Irregular heart beat
    • Stroke
    • Cardiac Arrest

Some patients may have even experienced sudden death after exposure to GranuFlo. Kentucky GranuFlo lawsuit attorneys have information regarding potential lawsuits against Fresenius for the wrongful death of your loved one.

Patients place a great deal of faith in medical companies and the products they produce. Indeed, companies have a responsibility to make sure that their products are safe and effective for patient use. Sometimes, a drug’s side effects are not fully understood until it has been used by many patients. However, when it is discovered that a drug is harmful, companies have a duty to remedy the situation.

Fresenius did not merely distribute a harmful product, but allegedly continued to willfully cover-up any evidence of its negative effects. When patients are harmed through a company’s willful or negligent wrongdoing, they deserve compensation. Kentucky GranuFlo lawsuit attorneys can help you receive that compensation.

You Are Not Alone

If you were harmed during dialysis treatment, or lost a loved one due to GranuFlo use, you are entitled to be compensated for your harm. Kentucky GranuFlo lawsuit attorneys are prepared to help collect damages for medical bills, lost wages, funeral costs, and pain and suffering. Contact our affiliated Kentucky GranuFlo lawsuit attorneys today to learn about GranuFlo lawsuit opportunities.