Kentucky Stryker Hip Lawsuit Update

Kentucky Stryker Hip LawsuitStryker Hip Lawsuit Update

The Stryker hip lawsuit process has focused on providing compensation for the injuries sustained by users of the Stryker Rejuvenate and ABG II hip implant products. Even before the two products were recalled, patients in Kentucky and elsewhere had experienced serious adverse consequences, leading to the initial Stryker hip lawsuit filings.

The Stryker hip lawsuits were not entered into lightly; Stryker hip lawsuit complaints allege that patients using the Stryker Rejuvenate and ABG II products experienced everything from severe pain and swelling in the tissues surrounding the implant to having metal ions from the corroding implants enter their bloodstreams. Despite these serious effects, the overwhelming majority of Stryker hip lawsuit filings in both federal and state court — in Kentucky and beyond — have not been resolved. Given the large volume of Stryker hip lawsuit filings, the court systems have reportedly become overwhelmed.

However, given the large volume of filings, the variety of claims and the wide geographic distribution of plaintiffs, finding a manageable resolution has been difficult. This is why it is typical for these large-scale litigation scenarios to continue for extensive periods of time. Often, just a small number of initial cases will pass through the pre-trial stage and into an actual trial with a judge and jury. After these trials reach their conclusions, attorneys can have some insight into how the rest of the claims could possibly play out in court. This could possibly speed up the resolution of other cases.

In the Stryker hip implant litigation, it appears that after two years of very little progress, plaintiffs may have reason to be optimistic. First, a federal judge approved the use of complaint forms that will increase the efficiency of filing and help clearly identify what claims a plaintiff is making that are the same as other plaintiffs, and those that are unique to that plaintiff. Additionally, after considerable negotiations efforts between Stryker and plaintiffs’ attorneys, four Stryker lawsuit claims were settled in New Jersey. While the amount of the pre-trial settlements was not publicly disclosed, this will give Stryker an idea of what size settlement plaintiffs could possibly seek, which could possibly guide future negotiations in other cases.

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