Kentucky Window Blind Strangulation Lawsuit

Kentucky Window Blind Strangulation LawsuitThe Danger of Window Blinds and Window Blind Loops

Window blinds and window blind loops cause accidental strangulation deaths for children every year. According to the Archives of Disease of Childhood, children between the ages of 16 and 36 months are at greatest risk. Children at this age have large heads relative to their bodies. Because their muscles are not yet well-developed and because of the fragility of their windpipes, they are sometimes unable to disentangle themselves from window blind components. According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), over 200 children in the United States have died from accidental strangulation involving window blind cords.

Recalls and Lawsuits Related to Window Blind Strangulation

Several recalls have been issued in the last decade due to strangulation deaths. In December 2009, the death of a child in Cedar Falls, Iowa, from strangulation involving window blind cords prompted a recall of 28,500 roller and roll-up blinds and 495,000 roman shades. In October 2009, approximately 90,000 roman shades were recalled. These recalls were issued due to the danger of roman shades with inner cords and roller blinds that did not feature tension devices. It was found that strangulations could occur if a child wraps the inner cords of a roman shade or the loops of roller blinds. Manufacturers changed their designs in order to accommodate newer guidelines set by the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

Many of these deaths have resulted in window blind strangulation lawsuits. In December 2006, a lawsuit was filed in Miami, Florida against a number of manufacturers, distributors, and marketers in the window blinds industry, including Home Depot, after a three-year-old was strangled. In 2009, a window blind strangulation lawsuit was filed against Blinds Xpress after a two-year-old girl was strangled in Commerce Township, Michigan.

Filing a Window Blind Strangulation Lawsuit in Kentucky

If you live in Kentucky and you or someone you know has had a child injured or killed as a result of window blinds or window blind loop strangulations, contact Attorney Group for Kentucky We can help answer questions you might have, provide you with a case evaluation at no cost, and connect you to an affiliated attorney who can give you the help you need to seek the compensation to which you may be entitled.