Metal on Metal Hip Replacement


There have been many news headlines and concerns over the metal on metal hip implants that hundreds of thousands of patients have received over the last few years. Many patients that received these hip replacements are contacting metal on metal hip replacement lawyers to discuss their options when they are faced with injuries from these defective devices. With several recalls already issued by a few different companies, people all over the country need local advice. Kentucky metal on metal hip replacement attorneys are helping those in Kentucky get the legal help that they need.


Problems With Metal Hip Implants

There have been documented issues with metal on metal hip replacements that have spurred several recalls of these devices. Metal on metal hip recall attorneys are helping patients that were promised new hip implants that were thought to last 20 years that are now needing to be replaced in less than five years in many cases. Not only are they not lasting as long as initially promised, they also have been shown to put patients at risk for other health issues.


Metal on metal hip recall attorneys are advising patients on what their best options are for financial compensation due to injuries that are occurring from these defective medical devices. Possible issues can include severe pain, infection, metal poisoning and mobility problems. In addition, revision surgery is needed in many case, causing more pain and time lost from work and life activities. Kentucky metal on metal hip replacement attorneys are consulting those in the area on what steps to take after finding out that their hip implant has been recalled.

For those with recalled hip replacements that have caused an injury or illness or may need to have revision surgery, they should contact both their doctor and metal on metal hip replacement lawyers. Even those not experiencing any issues need to be tested for possible metal poisoning and have scans done on their implant area. There are serious health risks with the recalled devices and expert help is needed to pursue a personal injury claim. Kentucky Attorney Group has experienced medical injury lawyers that understand the complexity involved in these types of cases. If you or a loved one has been injured by one of these recalled hip replacements, call today to discuss your options.


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