GMO Corn Disputes Continue Over Syngenta’s Liability

A Florida Syngenta lawyer notes that thousands of lawsuits pending against Syngenta claim that the agricultural company, which sold farmers a strain of genetically modified corn that wasn’t approved for import into China, is responsible for the losses that those farmers suffered when China rejected the corn. Syngenta maintains that it acted lawfully, but plaintiffs allege that the company knew its actions could cause significant financial damage. Florida Syngenta corn lawyers are assisting farmers, exporters, and others who claim that they have lost billions of dollars as a result of the modified corn.

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Report: Damage to American Farmers in the Billions

Thousands of American farmers are currently seeking damages from Syngenta, alleging that they suffered substantial financial losses because of the agricultural company’s decision to release into the U.S. market a genetically modified corn seed that couldn’t be exported to a major corn market. WSIL-TV states that China had not approved the strain in question for import and that Syngenta was aware of this. Unfortunately, after Syngenta sold farmers the GMO strain in 2013, China rejected tons of shipments of American corn in 2013 and 2014.

In addition to causing farmers to lose out on profits, this rejection corn created a surplus and adversely impacted corn prices in other markets. Experts estimate that, altogether, China’s rejection of U.S. corn may have cost up to 1 billion dollars. Still, Syngenta denies its liability for these losses and contends that it complied with all relevant laws when selling farmers the GMO seeds, the website reported.

How a Florida Syngenta Lawyer Can Help

Farmers who have lost money as a result of Syngenta selling genetically engineered corn seed are filing Syngenta GMO corn lawsuits. Whether or not a farmer used GMO corn seed, their harvest may have been contaminated, rejected or sold at a lower price as a result of Syngenta’s actions.

Plaintiffs include exporters, corn farmers, brokers, grain silos, resellers and others involved in the corn chain of distribution. Corn farmers who did not use Syngenta corn seed may also be able to pursue a claim.

People who have been affected by Syngenta GMO corn are encouraged to seek the advice of a qualified Florida Syngenta lawyer so that they can be informed of their legal rights.

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