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Sad Woman | Florida Talcum Powder Lawyer

Thousands of Lawsuits Filed After Talcum Powder Linked to Cancer

A Florida talcum powder lawyer notes that thousands of lawsuits have been filed as talc users are being urged to use cornstarch-based alternatives until more information is revealed […]

Self Driving Car | Florida Driverless Car Accident

Experts Question the Safety of Driverless Vehicles in Florida

A Florida driverless car accident lawyer notes that engineers and safety advocates warn against the widespread use of driverless vehicles because they may increase accidents rather than reduce […]

A Corn Field | Florida Syngenta Lawyer

GMO Corn Disputes Continue Over Syngenta’s Liability

A Florida Syngenta lawyer notes that thousands of lawsuits pending against Syngenta claim that the agricultural company, which sold farmers a strain of genetically modified corn that wasn’t […]

airbag recall

Airbag Recall: Florida, Warmer States at Higher Risk

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is being questioned by Congress regarding their handling of a recent recall of airbags manufactured by the Takata Corporation of Japan. At […]

Florida Window Blind Strangulation Lawsuit

Florida Window Blind Strangulation Lawsuit

Window Blind Strangulation In February 2014, three children died due to strangulation by becoming entangled in blind cords, all under the age of 7. On March 1, a […]

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Asbestosis vs. Mesothelioma: What is the Difference?

Although asbestos does not naturally occur in Florida, large amounts of the mineral were shipped to the state, and many contaminated products were used in construction and other […]

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GM Recall Update for Florida

GM Recall News General Motors (GM) has been fined $35 million in civil penalties as a result of the automaker failing to report a safety defect in certain […]

florida transvaginal mesh lawsuits

Talcum Powder and Cancer Connection Possible

Talcum powder is made out of the mineral talc and is a common ingredient in many household items. It is most often sold for use in personal hygiene […]

florida insurance claims attorneys

GM Ignition Recall

Has the GM Ignition Recall Affected You? By March of 2014, General Motors (GM) had recalled over 2.6 million vehicles with potentially defective ignition switchs. The ignition switchs […]

florida insurance claims attorneys

Do YOU Need a Florida Asbestos Lawyer?

Florida Asbestos Lawyer Wants You to Know the Facts About Asbestos Asbestos has reportedly been commonly used in Florida. Records indicate that nearly 110,000 tons of asbestos had […]