Kansas Lipitor Lawyer Notes Recent Lawsuits

Kansas Lipitor LawyerAttorney Group for Kansas offers free case evaluations for Kansas residents who may have a claim against Pfizer, Inc., for damages sustained due to adverse Lipitor side effects.  The most common claim is Type II diabetes developed after taking Lipitor.

Research Shows Potential Connection Between Lipitor and Diabetes

Lawsuits claim Pfizer knew about a potential link between Type II diabetes and “statin” drugs like Lipitor that was first discovered in 1994 – two years before initial Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval the drugs in late December 1996.  Despite allegedly knowing about this link, Pfizer did not halt production or even put a warning label on Lipitor when it was released and distributed.

However, Pfizer did continue a massive marketing campaign that gained estimated gross revenue in excess of $125 billion and made Lipitor one of the most highly-prescribed drugs in the U.S.

Recent Study Shows High Risks for Women

Results of a University of Massachusetts study published in 2012 reported that postmenopausal women taking daily doses of statin medications have a 50 percent higher incidence of first-time Type II diabetes than women in the same age range who do not take any statin drugs.

Common Claims Alleged in Lipitor Diabetes Lawsuits

Prolonged exposure to a synthetic chemical that lowers cholesterol by suppressing liver enzymes has prompted many Lipitor former Lipitor users to file lawsuits across the country.  Almost every complaint states the following claims:

  • Pfizer knew or reasonably knew that Lipitor side effects could increase the risk of Type II diabetes, particularly for older women
  • Lipitor was defective from initial manufacture due to package labeling that failed to provide adequately warnings
  • Pfizer failed to conduct sufficient scientifically valid studies into adverse effects of statins or monitor subsequent reports of first-time diabetes developed by previously healthy patients, especially postmenopausal women
  • Pfizer engaged in deceptive advertising and over promoted Lipitor for the sole purpose of maximizing profits
  • Product labels that warned of all Lipitor side effects could have prevented some plaintiffs from developing Type II diabetes by allowing the patient to choose medication or performing regular checks to detect elevated glucose levels early on

If you are a Kansas resident diagnosed with diabetes or another medical disorder after taking Lipitor, call Kansas Attorney Injury Group today to schedule a free consultation.  We can help answer your questions and connect you with an experienced Kansas Lipitor lawyer who can file your lawsuit. Contact us today to learn more.