Updates to Actos Risks Could Affect Kansas Patients

Kansas- Actos RisksAlthough the well-known type 2 diabetes medication Actos has helped thousands of patients in the U.S. better handle their blood glucose levels, the medication has also allegedly caused many to develop bladder cancer, among other severe health conditions. For more information about pursuing a claim for compensation if you believe that Actos injured you, please contact Attorney Group for Kansas today.

Warning Label Updated to Include Actos Risks

In June 2011, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) required Actos’ manufacturers to update the warning label on the medication to inform consumers of the Actos risks such as bladder cancer. While the update was a step in the right direction, it did little to help those who had already developed the condition while taking the product. Additionally, the FDA reported that results of a 10-year-long study found that Actos patients who take the drug for more than one year may be at an increased risk of developing the condition.

Actos Overview

The FDA approved Actos in 1999 as a medication to aid in insulin production in type 2 diabetes patients. The medication falls into a category of medications known as thiazolidinediones and is often used simultaneously with diet and exercise to help diabetics control their blood glucose levels. However, according to many Actos patients and plaintiffs who are pursuing claims for compensation, Actos risks can include serious health complications such as:

Plaintiffs File Lawsuits against Takeda, Eli Lilly

An early Actos bellwether trial in April 2014 resulted in a verdict against the manufacturers of $9 billion in punitive damages. In both this trial and another filed in June 2014 by Blue Cross Blue Shield, the plaintiffs accused Eli Lilly and Takeda Pharmaceuticals of failing to publicize the Actos risks of its product, including the potential for patients to develop bladder cancer. According to Blue Cross Blue Shield, by neglecting to warn of the possible dangers, the manufacturers caused the insurance provider to pay claims for policyholders who sought medical attention for their alleged Actos complications. Additionally, in June 2014, Takeda Pharmaceuticals was found to have destroyed evidence that demonstrated the company’s knowledge of the alleged Actos risks.

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