What Does the GM Ignition Recall Mean for Kentucky?

GM Ignition Recall

Kentucky GM Ignition RecallGeneral Motors announced a GM ignition recall in February 2014 after reports that several models of its vehicles could potentially be fitted with defective parts. According to the company, the ignition switch has the potential to shut off without warning if the keys jiggle while the car is in motion or if they are heavy and fall out of the “run” position. As a result, drivers of the vehicles involved in the GM ignition recall may be at an increased risk of injury or death. Vehicle models currently affected by the recall include the following:

  • Chevrolet Cobalt – 2005-10 model years
  • Pontiac G5 – 2005-10
  • Saturn Ion – 2003-07
  • Chevrolet HHR – 2006-11
  • Pontiac Solstice – 2006-10
  • Saturn Sky – 2007 -2010
  • Opel GT – 2007
  • Pontiac Pursuit – 2005 – 2006

If you have been injured in a car crash or your vehicle shut off due to the issue cited in the GM ignition recall, you may have legal recourse. Contact Attorney Group for Kentucky today to learn more about your rights and to receive a free, no-obligation case review. If you decide to pursue a claim to recover damages for the accident, we can connect you with an affiliated lawyer who can assist you in pursuing your claim.

Plaintiffs May Work with a Lawyer to Recover Damages

Those who own cars involved in the GM ignition recall may be eligible to pursue claims against the automaker and recover compensation for injuries or damages sustained in an accident caused by to the ignition defect. Additionally, if you lost a loved one in a car crash and it is determined that the engine shut off suddenly and the airbags failed to deploy, you may also be eligible work with a wrongful death lawyer to pursue a claim to seek compensation for your loss.

According to recent media reports, GM allegedly knew about problems with its ignition switcges for several years and failed to issue a recall when it first received reports of sudden ignition switch failure. In March 2014, the CEO of GM testified before Congress as a part of an inquiry to determine why the company neglected to recall its vehicles sooner. Although she stated she did not know why, she reported that the company is doing everything it can to help drivers throughout the recall process.

Unfortunately, for many drivers involved in the GM ignition recall, parts may not yet be readily available in certain areas of Kentucky or other states, and these individuals may be faced with driving potentially dangerous cars. Although the automaker has agreed to pay for rental cars, repairs and other costs associated with its decision to pull the vehicles, this does not help in Kentucky where the age requirement for renting a car is 21 or in areas of Kentucky in which public transportation is not always readily available.

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If you or a loved one have been injured in a car accident caused by a possibly defective GM ignition switch, or if you own one of the recalled vehicles and would like to learn more about your rights as a consumer,, contact Attorney Group for Kentucky today. We can answer your questions, help you to determine if you have a case, and connect you with a lawyer who can assist you with your claim.