Texas Januvia Lawyers Explain Dangers of Januvia

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Medications are typically prescribed to patients who need assistance in better managing the symptoms or conditions that come with particular diseases. For example, incretin mimetics may be prescribed to those with type 2 diabetes as these drugs help force the pancreas to stimulate insulin production. While Januvia and other incretin mimetics have successfully helped thousands of type 2 diabetes patients, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and several clinical trials have expressed concern over the safety and effectiveness of these medications.

Januvia, manufactured and marketed by Merck & Co. did, in fact, receive FDA approval in late 2006. However, since its approval, several clinical trials have demonstrated a potential link between the drug and serious health conditions such as pancreatic cancer, thyroid cancer, kidney failure, liver cancer and pancreatitis. If you have been injured, a Texas Januvia lawyer can inform you of your legal rights and help you to pursue a claim.

Patients have reported less severe side effects while taking Januvia, including abdominal pain, confusion, fever, dizziness, swelling and nausea. Still, many plaintiffs across the U.S. are working with attorneys to file claims against Merck after allegedly suffering from severe health complications. A Texas Januvia lawyer familiar with the pending litigation against the manufacturer can evaluate your case and assist you in recovering damages for your condition.

According to the FDA, as of 2012, over 14,600 adverse event reports were submitted to the agency from patients whom had allegedly experienced side effects or received critical diagnoses while taking Januvia. In fact, 625 individuals had been diagnosed with acute pancreatitis and 765 patients had reportedly high blood sugar levels. The FDA further acknowledges that 1,900 claims came from those who had required hospitalization due to cancer or other adverse complication.

Januvia patients may also be 25 times more likely to suffer from pancreatic cancer than type 2 diabetes patients who did not take the drug, according to the 2013 results from a study conducted by the Institute for Safe Medication Practices. The FDA has decided to investigate Januvia and other incretin mimetics to determine whether these medications have any effect on the liver, thyroid, pancreas or kidneys.

A Texas Januvia Lawyer Can Assist You in Recovering Damages

If you feel that you have a claim against Merck after you were diagnosed with acute pancreatitis, pancreatic cancer or other health condition while taking Januvia, contact a Texas Januvia lawyer as soon as possible. At Attorney Group for Texas, we are currently providing those who feel they are entitled to compensation with a no-obligation consultation at no cost. Depending on your injury and the circumstances surrounding your case, you may be entitled to recover damages for your condition with assistance from an affiliated Texas Januvia lawyer.