Big Lots Torch Recall Raises Concern of Burn Injury Lawsuits


Big Lots Torch RecallBig Lots, Inc. has issued a recall for its glass tabletop torches. The torches mentioned in the Big Lots torch recall come in both large and small sizes, have wicks and use citronella for fuel. The tabletop torches have been reported to flare up or explode when lit and send burning fuel onto consumers, tables, chairs and floors causing severe burns and property damage. The Big Lots torch recall states that there have been 20 reported instances in which burning fuel and high flames from the tabletop torches have caused burning and property damage. Two of the reports that led to the Big Lots torch recall listed second- and third-degree burns and seven other reports listed minor burns. Of the two seriously burned victims, one received burns to the legs and abdomen while the other received burns across the body during an attempt to extinguish the torch. The Big Lots torch recall includes about 30,000 torches. Anyone possessing one of these torches is advised by the Big Lots torch recall to discontinue use immediately and return the torch to the nearest Big Lots store for a refund.


When burn injuries occur, extensive medical bills typically follow. The victim often has to get the level of burn diagnosed, get treatment, and deal with possible missed work time. All due to an injury that often is not their fault. This is one of the reasons why it is so important for a victim to see legal counsel after being injured in an incident such as this.


Burn injuries are among the most difficult injuries to recover from. Burn injury attorneys may be able to help those who are struggling to recover from a burn caused by the fault of another party, such as a defective torch manufacturer. Attorney Group seeks to connect clients in need of burn injury attorneys with those who can help. Promptly notifying burn injury attorneys of your problem is critical toward getting the compensation you need. Once Attorney Group is made aware of your situation, the group will review your information and attempt to connect you with burn injury attorneys in your area. Burn injury attorneys that are experienced in handling burn victim cases will be able to help you gain the financial recovery that you deserve. Good burn injury attorneys will lead you every step of the way. Give the Attorney Group a call today to schedule a free consultation with burn injury attorneys who care.