Blitz Gas Can Attorney

Blitz Gas Can AttorneyThe majority of gas cans made in recent years have been the common red plastic Blitz gas cans that are in garages and storage sheds all over the country and a Blitz gas can attorney might be the only person trying to change that fact. The largest maker of these cans was Blitz USA that produced an estimated 14 million of these products every year. Due to the lack of a safety feature, many of these cans have caused Blitz Gas Can Explosions that have injured hundreds of people, many of which that have hired a Blitz gas can attorney and filed a lawsuit. Blitz gas can attorneys expect that even more people will come forward that have been injured by these dangerous products.

Blitz USA was based in Oklahoma and in 2012 stopped production of these gas cans and closed its doors. There have been many injuries and even fourteen deaths that have been blamed on their product and many of these victims have filed a Blitz lawsuit with a Blitz gas can attorney. The gas cans are ill equipped for safety and allow gas fumes to escape into the air as gas is poured out of the cans. These vapors can then ignite and explode, causing severe burns and even death of unsuspecting victims. Blitz gas can attorney also claim that the company did not sufficiently warn consumers of this issue to prevent injury. Furthermore, Blitz gas can company could have installed a product called a flame arrester, a small mesh insert that goes into the spout of many other flammable consumer products. This flame arrester would have only costed pennies and could have saved people from horrific injuries. Blitz chose not to increase costs at the risk of these injuries. If you’ve suffered from any of the following injuries, call a Blitz gas can attorney today. Time is of the essence because of the recent Blitz bankruptcy BUT there are still options to seek justice against the makers and retailers of these cans.

Blitz Gas Can Attorneys File Blitz Lawsuits

Gas can explosion lawyers assert that Blitz was aware of the issue yet refused to change the design of their cans. The fumes could have been shielded by the addition of a flame arrester to the opening of the gas cans that could have prevented many injuries and deaths. However, the company chose not to do so and it is because of this gross negligence that gas can explosion attorneys continue to file suits against the company for the harm it caused to their customers.

Blitz gas can explosion injuries can include:

  • Severe Burns
  • Skin Graphs
  • Melted skin
  • Bodily Disfigurement
  • Loss of Limb
  • Death

Contact a Blitz Gas Can Attorney Now

Although many lawsuits have already been filed on behalf of the victims, there still are those who may need to consult a Blitz lawsuit attorney for an injury that they have had due to these gas cans. It is important that anyone injured or even killed because of Blitz gas can explosions initiate a Blitz lawsuit as soon as possible. Attorney Group has a team of experienced lawyers that can represent anyone who has been injured from a Blitz gas can explosion. Call today to schedule an appointment to discuss what financial compensation you may be entitled to for your injury.