Before You Start Your Summer Fun, Check For These Recalled Products

recalled productsAfter a harsher-than-expected winter, warmer weather is finally knocking at the door. Adults are working on their lawns and firing up their grills while children are signing up for sports teams and digging out their Slip ‘n Slides. While you may have more important things to do such as cleaning out the pool at the insistence of an impatient child, now would be an excellent time to check your summer products to determine if any of them were recalled this past winter while you were in hibernation. To avoid the risk of injury or other complications, consult the list of recalled products below:

Product recalled: Clay Bowl Outdoor Fireplaces
Recalled issued by: Nantucket Distributing
Units sold: 1,200
Hazard: When a fire is lit, pieces of the fireplace may separate from the bowl, posing burn and impact hazards.

Product recalled: Gas Trimmers
Recalled issued by: efco
Units sold: 1,400 (U.S.), 166 (Canada)
Hazard: The trimmer engine’s muffler can break during operation, posing a fire hazard.

Product recalled: Remote Controlled Model Helicopters
Recalled issued by: Horizon Hobby
Units sold: 1,980 (U.S.), 200 (Canada)
Hazard: The tail rotor grip designed to attach the tail rotor blade to the tail rotor hub may separate, posing an injury and crash hazard.

Product recalled: Trident Pool Gate Latches
Recalled issued by: Nationwide Industries
Units sold: 2,500
Hazard: The magnet in the striker component of the latch assembly may detach and prevent the latch from securing a gate.

Product recalled: Sewn Cords
Recalled issued by: Sterling Rope Company
Units sold: 9,200 (U.S.), 480 (Canada)
Hazard: Sewn cords may potentially break at a lower weight limit than published by the manufacturer, posing fall hazard.

Product recalled: Home Playground Tube Slides with Port Holes
Recalled issued by: Solowave
Units sold: 10,800 (U.S.), 9,900 (Canada)
Hazard: The plastic port hole windows may break, posing a laceration danger to children.

Product recalled: TurfMaster and TimeMaster Lawn Mowers
Recalled issued by: Toro
Units sold: 34,500 (U.S.), 1,600 (Canada)
Hazard: The mower’s blade may break, posing an injury or death risk to the user and others who may happen to be nearby.

Product recalled: Snoopy Sno-Cone Machines
Recalled issued by: LaRose Industries
Units sold: 102,000
Hazard: A brass rivet may detach from the ice-shaving cylinder of the machine and become mixed in with the snow cone itself, posing a risk of injury or damage to the teeth or mouth.

Product recalled: Patio Bistro Gas Grills
Recalled issued by: Char-Broil
Units sold: 63,300 (U.S.), 1,900 (Canada)
Hazard: The electronic ignition on the product may unexpectedly ignite, posing a burn or injury hazard.


If you find that you own one or more of the above recalled products, cease using the product immediately and contact the manufacturer for more information about obtaining a replacement or repair. In the event of injuries caused by recalled products, victims should consider seeking legal counsel from an attorney experienced in recalled products, as those who have been adversely affected may be able to recover damages for their conditions.

Have You Been Injured By Recalled Products?

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