The Cost of Revision Hip Surgery

Cost of Hip Revision Surgery

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If you have suffered from an injury from a hip replacement device, you may be wondering what the cost of revision hip surgery might be. While each case is different, you must take into consideration the amount of time you will spend in the hospital, the type of hospital in which you are staying and extra medical expenses including anesthesiologists, rehabilitation procedures and additional tests or X-rays.

Based on the infographic above, a healthy 55-year-old patient with a quick recovery and little damage from the implant could expect to incur an additional $73,533.58 for the cost of revision hip surgery, excluding antibiotics and medications, orthopedic surgeon’s expenses, extra inpatient care, braces, mobility equipment and other costs.

For instance, a hospital stay for someone needing a hip replacement procedure could last from 12 days to six weeks, a cost of nearly $68,250 for a patient requiring a full stay at a non-profit facility. Additionally, many patients fail to factor in the cost of rehabilitation services and procedures when calculating the true cost of revision hip surgery. While the average cost per session is $350, some patients require a six to twelve week treatment plan, costing as much as $2,100 for just six weeks of rehabilitation. An anesthesiologist can increase a patient’s expenses by $1,793. Specialized tests such as X-rays may also add an extra $1,500 or more to the patient’s final medical bills.

Unfortunately, a revision is rarely avoidable when metal discarded into the bloodstream will remain in the patient. It is not always possible to predict which patients will experience a reaction to the metal shards, when the reaction will occur and what the severity of the reaction will be. Over time, these particles may lead to soft tissue damage, resulting in device failure, loosening of the implant and pain. The need to have a revision procedure is rarely questioned, but it is important to understand how much the cost of the procedure will be.

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