Attorneys Note Crate and Barrel Lamp Recall Due to Fire and Shock Hazards

Crate and Barrel Lamp RecallOn October 24, 2013, the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) acknowledged that it has initiated a recall for over 19,000 hanging pendant lamps distributed by Crate and Barrel due to shock and fire hazards.

The Crate and Barrel lamp recall includes the company’s Finley Collection pendant lamps that were retailed between January 2009 and July 2013 with wheat or white linen, small or large drum, or those with rectangular lamp shades.

The CPSC, based in Washington, D.C., acknowledged that the reason for the Crate and Barrel lamp recall is that the fixtures can be incorrectly connected. The polarity labels on the wires can fall off or be mislabeled. The agency maintained that consumers should immediately cease use of the products involved in the Crate and Barrel lamp recall and contact the retailer for a full refund, including shipping, or replacement of the lamp as well as $100 as reimbursement for charges that customers incur by hiring licensed electricians to replace or remove the lamps.

The CPSC reported that, prior to the Crate and Barrel lamp recall, the company had received four reports from consumers of lamps shorting out, including a minor burn and minor property damaged. Consumers are urged to visit the manufacturer’s website or call the company for more information.

The lights affected by the recall include the following models from the Finley Collection:

  • SKU # 5676-384 Wheat Pendant
  • SKU # 322-067 Wheat Rectangular Pendant
  • SKU # 684-077 Large Wheat Pendant
  • SKU # 3220423 White Rectangular Pendant
  • SKU # 684-069 Large White Pendant
  • SKU # 440-755 White Pendant

Know Your Legal Rights

If you have been injured or suffered from damage due to defective products such as those involved in the Crate and Barrel lamp recall, it is vital that you know your legal rights and seek counsel from an experienced product liability attorney. While many manufacturers will agree to replace or refund your money in the event of a recall, what about injuries or damages that can occur due to faulty products?

Not many consumers are aware that manufacturers and companies can be held responsible for injuries that may have occurred while using the products. A product liability attorney will review your claim and typically classify it into one of three categories:

  • Defects in the manufacturing of products
  • Defects in the designs of products
  • Failure to warn consumers of potential safety issues

Defective products may include non-working, faulty airbags, seat belts or tires, medical devices or drugs that have been linked to complications, toys, household equipment or fixtures that may cause damage, electronic items that may cause fires or burns as well as other situations that could pose a threat or cause harm to your life, home or office.

No matter what type of claim you are facing, it is important to work with a product liability attorney who will work to ensure you receive compensation for injuries, damages, pain and suffering and medical bills. A product liability attorney can play an important role in pursuing your case that may involve minor or major accidental injuries, from small lacerations to devastating head or bodily injuries, life-threatening disease or heart complications.

Contact a Product Liability Attorney Today

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